7 Essential Steps For Getting Better Feedback From Salon Customers

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Feedback From Salon Customers

Most of the shoppers hesitate before purchasing!!

Their mind jiggles with decisions- whether or not to buy the product? Is it according to my expectations? Is the vendor trustable?

And the list is endless!!

The one thing that can assure you about your decision is- The feedback!!

A large amount of Salons spends trillions on advertising and marketing. But, ultimately, the opinions/feedback/review matters. The feedback is an inevitable part of the running business online. As an empowered way, it helps in making a thought-out and informed decision.

Besides, the other thing that we cannot avoid is the bad or negative reviews. A single negative review can dominate all the positive reviews. And the reverse is also true!!

Statistics to know how the feedback system is changing the marketing game.

As of now, you might have an idea of how feedback is critical for the Salon business.

Indeed, the Beauty business is solely a bond between the customers and the stylists. A solid or positive bond establishes word of mouth among more, and that ultimately, will increase the customer volume at your door.

On the other hand, when the customer does not get satisfied with the services and products, they end up visiting you. Also, they share a negative experience with their family and friends.

So, do not forget that customers are those gems that you cannot even think to hurt. They are extremely valuable to your Salon business.

Also, with the useful and leading Salon Software, you can collect the reviews from your precious customers. The management software creates Feedback From Salon Customers forms and allows the Salons to get important customer details. Below are some of the benefits that you can expect after creating the feedback forms. Check out:

  • Improvement in customer engagement whenever they visit.
  • Leveraging the real experience. Enabling them to provide the details related to what they liked and what they don’t.
  • Handling reward points and promotional campaigns become seamless.
  • Making changing in real-time is possible.
  • Creates the email list of the customers to send the promotions.

Apart from this, let’s find out the useful ways of capturing feedback from your Salon customers. Have a look!!

Get feedback from the customers with the following ways

#1. Outline Customer Feedback Goals

Outline Customer Feedback Goals

Most of the Salon does not prefer to get the feedback as they do not find it worth the time and effort. Understand that- the customer’s feedback is one of the best ways to boost the productivity of the Salon business comprehensively.

Hence, prior to creating the feedback questions, outline the areas where you want your customers to give reviews. Below are some of the questions that you can integrate:

  • Booking experience
  • How did they like the Salon facilities?
  • Insights into the services and treatments
  • Their perception of the Salon social media and website pages
  • What are their views about the retail counter?

Certainly, the customer feedback holds the ability to handle everything- from their appointments to their visit and their exit.

#2. Provide incentives

Provide incentives

Getting positive feedback from the customer is a challenging task, though. You have to follow the tactics that make them more engaging towards your Salon. And, providing incentives is one of those.

Do not get bothered!!

We are not asking to offer something big. A small piece of gesture that assures that the customers are taking the feedback sincerely.

It might be the prolonged treatment of the massage sessions they have booked with you. You can update those sessions to premium pedicure or manicure.

The tip here is – it is not about the incentive you are choosing; it is about adding the value while giving them the service. Do not let them burn a hole in their pocket.

#3. Integrate the client testimonials

Integrate the client testimonials

Running a Salon business is of no use if you are not integrating the client testimonial to your Salon website. It must be known to you that most of the business relies on existing customers.

They are the main reason for bringing in the new customers to your Salon door. Also, because of the feedback that they have posted online, your Salon gets more customer volume.

Therefore, when the existing customers assure you that they are happy with the services, ask them to give the testimonials that can engage the new customers. Add them to your website or your app and gain the customer flow.

#4. Enhance customer service standards

Enhance customer service standards

The customer recommendations are generally the promotions about the services your Salon and its staff is providing.

From the positive reviews, the customers can gain a surety that your Salon is providing them high-quality services and is fulfilling the customer expectations to its core.

And, the reviews that are neither negative nor positive gives you an idea where an actual improvement is required. Do not overlook that the customers are your partners that are also liable to improve your Salon service quality.

So, it would be beneficial if you will listen to their perceptions and work accordingly.

#5. Assure two-way communication

Assure two-way communication

Feedback From Salon Customers, you are enabled to unlock the opportunity to communicate with them effectively. After the customers share their reviews on the service they had, you can revert to them either by “Thank You” note or by acknowledging them with the suggestions and the comments.

Consider yourself as the customer- how did you feel when you get feedback related to your query or suggestion? Obligated and Valued!!

On the contrary, if you will not get any response, then either you will not take any assistance from them in the future or report them!!

So, which type do you want to be in??

Therefore, it is critical to show commitment towards the services you are providing so that the existing customers feel considered and recommend your Salon to more!!

#6. Make Paper Feedback Cards

Make Paper Feedback Cards

Most of the Salons are there that are still practicing the old ways to engage the customers. Why not? If they are providing even some percentile of improvement, then it is worth it.

With an easy way of feedback with pen and paper questionnaires, you can improve!!

Though it is one of the most economical ways of collecting feedback from the customers. It might have some hidden costs when it is about understanding and sorting the provided feedback.

To obtain the essential actions from the feedback, the tabular way in the spreadsheet can be used. Examine them with notable time and effort. Then, find out how you can improve your flaws and make the appropriate changes.

#7. Post a follow-up email

Post a follow-up email

Sending follow-up emails is one of the common methods of getting feedback. You can send an email to the customers after providing the service. Or, when the customer has purchased the product from you.

You must have experienced an email after buying something online to rate the services. Several providers help the Salons to automate the same procedure.

Also, most of them assure that the feedback is sent to the most important portals. Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Google are some of them.

#8. Grow and Promote your Salon with feedback

Promote your Salon with feedback

To conclude, we assure you the Feedback From Salon Customers is one of the best ways to engage customers in your Salon.

You are definitely not going to regret it!!

To make it more convenient for you, we have listed some of the benefits you can experience with reviews.

#a. Engage new customers

As the Salon owner, you must be aware of the power of personal recommendations or referrals. Recommending a friend or family improves 10X of engagement of new customers.

#b. Grow customer loyalty

Engaging the customers publicly will make them feel that they are respected, valued, and recognized.

#c. Develop confidence and trust

Remember, your Salon is the reflection of your customers and their experiences with you. The mixed reviews spread instantly and amplify confidence and trust in your Salon.

#d. Boost the local Google ranking

If you have an urge to achieve the height of success, the local Google reviews are essential.

#f. Strengthen brand awareness

Your competitions are experiencing reviews. And, if you are not joining it, then you are neglecting the main object of building your Salon brand.

#g. Do not hamper your Salon image with the bad reviews

Imagine you have only two reviews-one is positive, and one is negative. It will inevitably affect more to the shoppers instead of the ten reviews that have a single negative review.

#h. Know your customers

Feedback From Salon Customers helps you to know what your customers are liking and disliking about your services and products. They might give a review on those points that they feel hesitant to tell in front.

We hope you liked this article. If you have a query, then let us know in the comment section below. Or, if there are some more related points than do share with us.

Thanks for reading!!