Increase The Christmas & New Year Sale Within Your Salon!

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Christmas & New Year Sale

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way…!

Of course, the famous lines of every Christmas lover! 

Well, the countdown to Christmas and New Year Eve is officially starting. And with this, you can see Christmas carols everywhere. 

We already stepped into December, which is the busiest time of year for every small-sized business like a Salon. Due to insane amounts of bookings, products to stock up on and holiday decor to put up, all will leave you with little time. 

And thus, you’re struggling to get people through your doors. Maybe you’ve been working hard for the whole year to receive a high engagement on your beauty salon sales. But didn’t get enough!

So, how can you obtain more profit during this Christmas and New Year Eve?

Well, there isn’t a better way to close out this year and boost your revenue for next year through a festive promotion. It’s the right time to take advantage of preparing various tactics and get salon marketing promotions every week and day. By developing your Christmas services like extra special offers, you can give your business a new turn. All it takes is some creative techniques to keep your customers excited and engaged with your Salon. 

But only a few weeks left and time’s running out to promote your beauty salon services in your local market. So, how to stand out among leaders in a competitive market during this festive time? And what different techniques do you need to adopt to meet your business’ expectations?

Don’t panic!

We’ve created a list of top tips that help you manage and Increase The Christmas & New Year Sale

So, let’s get started.

Tips to Increase The Christmas & New Year Sale

#1. Use Booking Software for Your Salon

According to a study, appointments scheduled over the phone or via email have a 90 to 93 % show rate. 

This busy holiday season is the right time to invite people to make an appointment with you. By adopting salon software eg: Salonist, it can make things simpler and help your customers in booking an appointment during the holiday season. Since the software works 24/7, you can book appointments any time of the day or night from the computer or your mobile phone. For keeping your business booming for the next year, encourage your customers to confirm their bookings online.

#2. Sell More Memberships

Keep your rooms full by selling more memberships this Christmas and New Year Eve. By creating various packages, extraordinary offers, and affordable prices, a salon owner can build a strong relationship with their customers. Usually, salon software like Salonist is featured with membership bookings that provide customers with incentives and discounts for specific services. Further, it plays a big role in boosting your salon growth. 

#3. Integrate Your Salon With Surprising Offers

During festive seasons, offering various Christmas and New Year salon giveaways can fascinate your customers. Additionally, you can also encourage customers by giving redeemable coupons during December month. Because special deals and offers are great gifts for customers that allow you to keep your salon busy during slow revenue periods. So, this is an ideal time to provide a “Christmas and New Year Eve booking discount” offer. Other promotional ideas like “book two hair treatment services and get the next one free” “Refer a friend and get 30% off on your total bill” or “Buy our memberships and get one service free”. Presenting such creative freebies during the festive season reaches a healthier profit margin.

#4. Create a Referral Program

Create a Referral Program

Referral programs in the festive season is a win-win opportunity. When your customer refers a friend, they both will receive a discount – cash, a free product or service, a free consultation, or others. Thus, you gain a new customer. A customer referral program is a ticket to convert your struggling business towards a thriving business.  According to a study,  18 % of referred customers are more likely to stay with the company over time than someone who discovered you on their own. This will definitely help you to Increase The Christmas & New Year Sale within your salon.

#5. Provide Salon Gift Cards

Provide Salon Gift Cards

The holiday season is an appropriate choice to keep your salon sales booming. In the U.S., Gift card sales were projected to amount to around 160 billion U.S. dollars by 2018. By allowing existing customers to purchase and promote gift cards or gift certificates for friends and family, it’ll not only bring new customers but also increase Revenue. Putting them in the first place like – on the counter, on your website, and via email. In addition to it, you can also offer a discount to those who purchase it. Don’t forget to name your gift certificates with Christmas presents, New Year gifts, and others. 

#6. Think About Social Media Festive Decorations

Think About Social Media Festive Decorations

Just like you decorate your salon during this Christmas and New Year Eve to evoke the festive spirit, your social media page also requires such decorations. Add some Christmas sparkles or other Christmas related posts on your page. Furthermore, you can also include a Christmas theme that is in conversation with your logo and branding colors to boost brand awareness, get more followers, and promote your services. But, make sure your post is eye-catching and interesting, so it can easily grab the attention of your potential customers. 

#7. Organize Christmas Events & Parties

For creating a buzz around, organize a Christmas event or parties. By running contests on events, it’ll encourage people to become a part of it. For a winner of the contest, you can put the main prize as a gift voucher for your salon, along with smaller prizes such as chocolates, other beauty products. You can also promote your events through social media, so people will direct participation in the event. Christmas themed pamper evening with exclusive offers and mini treatments would be a potential step towards your business. 

#8. Wrap Beauty Products Free of Charge

Wrap Beauty Products Free of Charge

Indeed, Christmas brings excitement among many people as it’s a great opportunity to travel, meet family and friends, even travel and engage in new activities. But, you can add more in it by wrapping their gifts free of charge when they purchase beauty products from you. This is an easy and low-cost service that makes your customers feel happy and, in return, maximizes customer experience. Hence, it’ll allow them to refer your salon to their friends and family with ease. 

#9. Customize a Christmas Tree in the Salon

Customize a Christmas Tree in the Salon

Of course, Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas tree. By setting up a Christmas tree with lucky labels at your salon, it’ll allow your customers to pick a label and get a chance to win a prize like – 15% discount on the next appointment, free beauty products, free hair massage, and others. Make sure every customer is winning something. Such offers will allow customers to visit your salon, even during low season. 

#10. Provide Christmas and New Year Salon Packages

Provide Christmas and New Year Salon Packages

Mention beautiful Christmas and New Year packages along with products on your website to provide a discounted bundle treatment! To Increase The Christmas & New Year Sale, You can also place lovely pictures on these packages to inspire anyone who sees your post. Make sure your offered packages are filled with multiple services. Well, packages are a great option to entice people to buy multiple treatments. This will increase your chance of attaining more loyal customers. Your customer will feel valued when he/she receives a discount on the entire package. 

#11. Extend Opening Hours

It’s recommended that extend your opening hours during the Christmas season, so your customers can walk-in even during occasional hours. This is a viable opportunity to gain new customers and enhance your business sales end-of-the-year. Additionally, it’ll also maximize your Christmas profits as well as increase your overall salon productivity. Your staff will also earn more for working extra hours.

#12. Get Ready for Busy New Year’s Eve

Holiday festive celebrations and preparations like Christmas and New Year will go hand in hand. By reminding your customers that you’ll remain open on new year’s eve until late to serve you. Everyone wants to look amazing and, thus, they’ll visit your salon for New Year Eve. This is a great chance to get a flock of customers in your salon. So, it’s advisable that  – be prepared with adequate competent staff for this day. 

#13. Send Appointments Reminders to your Customers

Send Appointments Reminders to your Customers

Sometimes customers forget about their booking appointments. But, Salonist salon software allows you to send appointment reminders to your customers at the right time. It’ll also notify your salon staff about their pending and future appointments. So, follow-up your customers, remind them about their appointments and offer various deals on their booking services.

#14. Get Reviews From All Your Clients

Get Reviews From All Your Clients

After offering reliable and quality services to your customers, don’t forget about turning your new and potential customers into loyal ones. Be sure to take a review from them about your salon and services. Get their email addresses and follow them up by sending notifications regarding your latest offers and deals. A booking software will let you do this with ease. Also, tell them that you were happy to meet them and ask them to leave feedback regarding your salon. 

Implement Best Promotion Idea

The goal of salon Christmas and New Year Eve promotion ideas isn’t about to just increase your profits but to also reach a success rate for the next year.  Hope these tips will help you to Increase The Christmas & New Year Sale within your salon.

Whether you’re thinking about promoting your business or trying to fill your calendar with appointments, these above-mentioned tips are effective to meet your expectations. These customized ideas will integrate easily with your in-salon promotions and grow your business even during the busy holidays. 

So, plan and start your festive campaign now for making the most effective time of this year! Increase productivity and profitability in your salon by capturing sales in advance!

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