18th OCT: National No Beard Day

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No beard day

Going back to the days when the beard was seen as an expression of a strong personality is a powerful move.

In a bold counteraction, No Beard Day comes to persuade men to use a razor to the radiant furry face and back to the smooth skin. They remove their different beard styles and clean shave.

Although some of us think this is worse than absolute heresy (except we can persuade those fashionable people to shave), No beard day followers believe that the clean face is an attractive face. Shaving gives you a clean look and indeed, provides a new outlook on life.

How to Observe

If you have a beard, then, celebrate it by shaving it off. No-beard day is coming up in October month, hence, you have more time to grow it. You can be imaginative with the shave and leave the sideburns and mustache.

You can also shave with the razor and reach the barber to get the shave done. Those, who do not have a beard, to begin with, can, already celebrate the day and encourage others to celebrate the day.

National No Beard Day 2020

National No Beard Day in 2020 is on Sunday, October 18. As there is no appropriate knowledge about the same, who the creator is, where its origin is, etc. Undeniably, this day has gained immense popularity with time.

Even though it is found that it got celebrated in October itself. A few of the National No beard day details are defined in the below table.

Details Facts
National No Beard Day celebrated on 18 October each year
National No Beard Day celebrated in United States
National No Beard Day created by Not known
Aim of National No Beard Day Convince men to get rid of their beards.

All About National No Beard Day

National No Beard Day seems to be an internet-generated holiday that is liked by everyone. People shaved off their long hairy beards and got an attractive look.

However, all have their questions about October 18 that why this day is meant for this purpose only. That is, what is the history behind this!!

In the late 1800s, straight razors were used by the barbers to cut off the beard from the patrons. However, it is a general practice, most of the men carry beards to be fashionable.

Although, as per the National Museum of American History, the removal of beards appears in vogue in the 1900s in the United States. Many reasons are there to shave off the beards. It appears gross nowadays, but the lush and large beards were prevalent in photographs and paintings. Indeed, were “breeding grounds” for lice and other parasites.

The beard also emits an unpleasant smell from sweat, particularly for those who do not have time to take a regular bath at close range.

Therefore, when a man shaved off, he had a clean appearance. Women use this as a sign, indicating that this person maintains good hygiene habits.

In 1904, the Gillette company introduced a “safe razor” and urged people to hold their beards in their trembling hands to eliminate extra facial hair. It lets you do the work by yourself, and hence, you do not need any hairdresser.

People are always scanning for ways to make hair fall out for a long time. An electric razor was introduced by Jacob Schick in 1930, known as “Schick Dry Shaver”. It is also one of the milestones in the hairy history of men’s hygiene which has surpassed another milestone in the history of male hygiene.

Activities of National No beard Day

#Shave it off

Shave it off

Collect every necessary product, such as shaving creams, new razors, and moisturizers, etc. Even, the good exfoliation will not hurt.

Trim the beard to a controllable length, soften the left hair by having a hot bath or using the hot towel on the face, and then use shaving cream and apply on the face. Hold the skin tightly to shave off the grain for the best results. Exfoliation and moisturization are also important to make the skin glowy and attractive.

#Find a friend with a beard to join you

Sometimes, it could be scary to shave a beard that takes more time to look perfect. Hence, it is better to ask one of your friends with a beard to do it for you. It is better if you will click before and after photos to see the change and yes, you can put these shots on your Instagram as well and can enjoy the comments.

#Hire a professional

Hire a professional

Getting your shave done from one of the professional barbers is obviously the best, tried and tested, and yes, the most relaxing thing you can do. So, it’s better to trust them and allow them to shave off your beard.

Facts of the weird beard

Beard Facts

  • Most of the people are really scared of them
  • Pogonophobia is the actual thing, that is, anyone who is afraid of beards will be frightened by one’s sight.
  • 98% of America’s wealthiest men do not have a beard.
  • If you desire to be featured in Forbes magazine, it is better to shave the beard.
  • The equivalent chemical substance dihydrotestosterone can increase beard growth and baldness.
  • One theory is that beards can cause baldness due to the body’s increased temperature regulation.
  • They are constrained to tax.
  • In the past, both New Jersey and Peter the Great have made money from facial hair.
  • The beard is similar to Velcro, deceiving bacteria, and food in it.
  • The idea of ​​viruses and leftovers remaining in facial hair was completely rejected.

Why is National No Beard Day famous?

#1. Shave more; love more

Remember the beard hair can offer a beard bun to those who love you.

Do you know how cool your beard seems? And, the rash it gives to you is so uncool. So, get shaving done as soon as possible.

#2. Makes you look younger

Perhaps you got a beard so that you don’t get combed each time you order a beer. However, if it has been a while since you shaved, people might cover all their hair for that baby face all day long.

What if you just got it lately? Put down your ID and tell the bartender proudly that one day you will become a very young-looking senior!

#3. Your career may start quickly

Most of the managers shave, notably those in higher positions. Hence, what if you aspire to be the next CEO of the company? Shaving off the beard will not hurt. You must look at the part to be the part.

Wrapping Up

National Beard Free Day is the day when people shave their beards off. Most of the people can have their beards for a long time, many might shave their beards every summer and can start growing their beards again. It doesn’t matter where they are with their beard currently, October 18th is the day to shave it off!!

Hopefully, this piece of article has given you an absolute amount of knowledge. In case, you have some queries then leave a comment below. Also, suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for reading!!