Best Popular Hairstyles for Men in 2022

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Men’s Hairstyles

Best hairstyles shape the overall personality. It not only influences self-confidence but also enhances the look. The basis of impeccable style and attractive appearance is a haircut. And this rule is equally acceptable for both women and men. Any popular Hairstyles for Men are a way of self-expression.

Men’s haircuts have long ceased to fit into the vague definition of “I’m simpler and shorter!”

Nowadays, there are almost as many varieties of popular Hairstyles for Men as women’s. And this trend intensified in 2022: Popular Hairstyles for Men become even more unique, youthful and unusual!

This is a fact: eternal youth is back in trend!!

For several years now, Popular Men’s Hairstyles are becoming more eccentric, vibrant, and young!!

Stylists do not allow the dull outlines of hairstyles to return to fashion, hence, they are inventing new and new solutions for modern hair trends in 2022.

So, before deciding on one of the hairstyle options, men should carefully look at the latest fashion ideas from the leading stylists. And, accordingly, they can choose the option that suits the type, style of clothing, and field of activity most suitable.

Keeping this intact, in this article, we are presenting the popular men’s hairstyles that would mostly be preferred in 2022.

Best Hairstyles for Men to consider in 2022

#1. Pompadour


In case you have not tried a Pompadour hairstyle, then you have the chance now. To get this fashionable look, tell your barber to leave the long hair on the top. And, use hair wax to up and down the hair till a stylish bump is formed on the tip of the head.

#2. Side Part

Side Part

Despite more new and impressive Hairstyles for Men, the side section is still one of the most popular choices. All in all, who does not want to go for a stylish, simple and smart look.

#3. Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut

Those who need short hair and the best look, then the disconnected undercut is an incredible choice. The fashionable and enduring appearance has shaved sides, and the top has a longer length. It looks excellent with a beard.

#4. Quiff


Similar to the pompadour, the quiff is somewhat different. As compared to that, this complete appearance has protruding hair at the front of the head that can be bent back to the rest.

#5. High Fade

High Fade

The high-fading side tapered rapidly from long to short, with a striking and stylish appearance. If you need this cut, learn to visit an expert hairdresser, because any inconsistencies in length are very obvious

#6. Mid Fade

Mid Fade

For a usual fade appearance, select a mid-fade haircut. From a long to short transition around the temple, this hairstyle looks smart and fashionable.

You may also consider adopting a version where the gradient fades in and out, so, gradually drops behind the ear to create an arc.

#7. Low Fade

Low Fade

What is the best thing about the faded haircut is that it allows you to customize the hairstyle according to your taste. Like, if you need a low-key and completely stylish look, then a low fade hairstyle is a good choice.

#8. Pomp Fade

Pomp Fade

For a Pomp Fade hairstyle, tell your hairdresser to cut short on both sides and some layered length on the tip. What the main problem is to maintain the volume in the front.

For styling, comb your hair from the forehead to the back when your hair is wet. Then use the blow dryer and blow-dry your hair to increase the height. After that, give more separation to it by using fingers.

#9. French Crop

French Crop

The French crop is the ideal male hairstyle that currently is coming back to its renaissance. The hairstyle is short in length, with the top facing forward, forming a small stripe. This hairstyle looks great with a lot of texture or is a little messy as well.

#10. Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut

Caesar’s cut was rolled by Julius Caesar himself and is associated with power. For trying this powerful style, ask the hairdresser to cut her hair short with horizontal bangs.

You may also contemplate trying the fade in and fade out effect to make the appearance more updated.

#11. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

The buzz-cut hairstyle has become the most adaptable option ever and has been passed down through generations. Even though it appears too simple, and that makes it look unique and timeless.

As it is only a short haircut for men, you can add more personality to it by gradually fading in or out of certain hairstyles.

#12. Blowout


With the popularity of voluminous men’s hairstyles growing, the blowout is set to be a big trend. This cool hairstyle, which requires medium-length hair on top, promises to make you look as if a style-savvy gust of wind just hit you in the face.

#13. Man bun

Man bun

Eventually, it is not a very masculine haircut, but it has a place to be. This year the man bun decided to make it even bolder: whiskey is shaved, and the crown remains as long as possible, the knot or tail is made as high as possible so that everyone can see. A short crown, a voluminous nape, and a bang are back or to the side.

#14. Undercut


This is a haircut that looks cool only with styling, but you cannot explain it to many. In 2022, a wide part will be added to it, which will emphasize the transition between long and short hair.

#15. Boxing and semi- boxing

semi- boxing men hairstyle

It will remain in the future because of its popularity among all. This hairstyle has been with us for many years and is the basis for many other haircuts. Now the hair masters are trying to make more obvious transitions in lengths and the most daring shaved designs.

#16. Military


This hairstyle symbolizes the army. This year, the following trend elements appeared in neat form. The elements of a traditional hairstyle are characteristic; there may be individual solutions for trimming the crown. With a longer bang, it has asymmetry and a complex Hairstyle shape.

#17. Brushed-Back


In the past few years, although the side parts have received the most attention, the classic brushed back appearance is here to stay. To complete the look, you need to make a layered cut at the top and add some length to the front and an inch to the side.

Use pomade and gel serum to comb it backward. After it is dried partially, use your fingers to break it somewhat.

Concluding Remarks on 2022 Hairstyles

Knowing the Hairstyles for Men trends is critical yet tricky as well. It makes a lot of guesses when they are in the barber’s chair. But this is not necessary in every case.

As you can see in the entire article, many currently popular Hairstyles for Men are never outdated. Therefore, it is always safe to choose things like side parts, Quiff, Man bun, or undercuts.

We hope this article is helpful for you to understand the complicated world of male hair. Now, you can choose the one which is suitable according to your personality.

Let us know about your experience and share your views related to the article in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!