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15 Top Marketing Ideas for Your Salon on this Valentine’s Day

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Valentine's Day

Do you want to engage more customers to your salon? But you are worried about how to do that?  Are you looking for better marketing ideas for your salon?  

And you want to make the Valentine’s Day or February 14 more profitable and remarkable!!

Don’t worry, then!! There is always a way out of all the problems. It is quite easy to manage everything in this tech-savvy world. Technology changes life ultimately. For making this valentine worthwhile, it is essential to have the best technique to advertise your brand.

Nowadays, the best advertising method is the utmost thing in a competitive world to take your business to an extensive level.

In a recent survey, it is shown that women love to pamper in salons to make the valentine special. For ideal valentine women, they want salon and spa services as a gift.

So play your cards right with the appropriate booking software. Use the best marketing method to attract new clients which help to improve the loyalty of the present clients.

The maximum female or male believes that the primary purpose of Valentine’s Day is ‘to show how much you care and love your loved ones. Sometimes you might get confused about Valentine’s promotions and marketing ideas for your salon. But here we are to help you out with the best ways.

It’s time to show some extra pampering to your customers. Do not forget that to see the results of your work, you need a leading way to make your business more profitable. 

Marketing Ideas For Your Salon On This Valentine’s Day

If you have short of valentine’s salon marketing tips, we are there to help you. Here are the top 15 marketing ideas to attract new clients to your customers show some love to them and boost up your sales.

Let’s get started:

#1. Choose Different Themes

Choose Different Themes

Valentine is not about the roses and hearts. Particular things need to be considered to make your salon look more attractive and engage maximum customers to your salon. You can choose the theme from Hollywood glamour, retro-style, etc. so that more clients draw towards your salon.

#2. Valentine Vouchers 

Valentine Vouchers

This is the digital era; it is not tough to do marketing. You can send the discount coupons to your loyal customers as a gift on valentine. You can send the vouchers by text message or by email. Your clients would be surprised and pleased with your gesture. This also brings the customer retention in your business.

#3. Valentine Cards 

Valentine Cards

It is the right time to say thank you to your clients and appreciate them. Whenever a customer buys any product and takes any services to give them Valentine’s card. You can add a gift or any promotional product so that they feel special. You can do marketing of cards on social media as well.

#4. Open House Or Happy Hours

Happy hours for the customers bring joy in their day. By giving them the free demo of hairstyles or complete makeover looks, you can make their day. In extended hours, you can invite the most loyal customers to get exclusive offers. This is the best marketing idea for your salon to grab more customers.

#5. Reward Your Customers

Reward Your Customers

Rewards are the best way to promote your salon. Make a plan to create the double rewards to the customers. Assign the double bonus or services that you want to promote for your salon. 

#6. Specific Valentine Gift Suggestion

Gifts always cherish every one. But the gifts on Valentine’s day make your customers even happier. So choose the gift wisely is the right way to promote your salon. You can give the option to your customer to select a suitable product according to their service. You can promote on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, that potential customers can enjoy the offer.

#7. Promotion On Social Media

Promotion On Social Media

Social media is the best platform for the advertisement of your product. It is estimated that 2.96 billion people are using social media, and it will grow in the future. So it is a better idea to promote your salon on different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. it is estimated that people spend 136 minutes on social sites. So advertise your salon and various offers on social sites so that people can get more benefits from it.

#8. Fill Last-Minute Appointment

A last-minute appointment is a very fruitful marketing idea for your salon that can take your business to another level. Remind the clients that you still have a chance to book the appointment send them a text message or email that few seats are left and enjoy the offer of a complete makeover. Use the salon booking software to schedule an appointment. This gives the chance to boost the profit of your salon in the last minutes.

#9. Integrate With Local Business

Local businesses always help you. Talk with local florists, jewelers, chocolate retailers, and team up with them for Valentine’s theme. These things bring charm on Valentine’s day make the valentines even more special. Use a partnership with the local people and give the profit to customers and local business persons by providing the complimentary roses, chocolates on February 14.

#10. Market The Offers According To Gender

As men and women have different choices and different purchasing habits during the Valentine season. To make the valentine special for men and women, always give the offer according to their choice and their past services. Send different emails and messages to each group. Tailor your landing pages and recommend them according to gender.

#11. Say Thank You!! In A Unique Way

Say Thank You

Thank you is the word that can melt the heart of your customers. This would be the best marketing idea for your salon. Show some appreciation and give them extra points for their future so that they will feel delighted and love to revisit your salon.

#12. Organize Event

You can hold an event for your regular loyal customers. Valentine’s day must be treated for your customers. So throw a party!! For your appreciated clients. Treat your best patrons with good food and a good time and make this V-day memorable for them.

#13. Use Hashtags 

Use Hashtags

Use hashtags for promotion on social media. Hashtags can help to reach your salon suite to reach and influence on social networking sites. Use some popular hashtags like 





#14. Support Charity

Do some charity. This shows your customers how you are helping society to make it a better place. Customers would be pleased and appreciate your salon that is supporting a charity that they love. To support the local troop is the token of love to society, and it brings a special place in your customer’s heart. 

#15. Engage New Audience

Some people feel they left out on V-day, but you are the one that can make them feel special. Give singles a reason to enjoy themselves and independent status. They will love it. With your salon software, you can find out the single people on social networking websites and send the messages to make their V-day special. 

Wrapping up 

Above we have reviewed some of the important salon marketing ideas to  February 14th special. Salon software will help you to organize your Valentine’s day in a better way with different marketing ideas. These ideas are going to help your business and give more profit to you. 

I hope these ideas are going to help you!!

Thank You for reading!!

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