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Salonist Software: Solve the General Problems Faced by Beauty Salons

POSTED BY Cathrine William

Salonist Software

Owning a business is never a cakewalk!!

And, all Salon owners have experienced this- as it demands a lot of sweat!!

For some years, Salon businesses have grown a lot. The stylists are in high demand for the services they are providing. The transformation that most of the people are undergoing after visiting the Salon is making it a more patronized business.

But, from booking and confirming customers, managing staff, marketing, to ordering inventory, there is no time left to service the customers. However, all these problems faced by beauty salons can overcome and can be the reason for profits with excellent Salon management software.

The technological advancements have given birth to many Salon solutions, however, from all, Salonist Software is the most preferred one. This Salon management software has an effective and powerful approach that can solve the problems faced by Beauty Salons.

Salonist: Briefing


Known as cloud-based Salon management software, Salonist assists the Salon to operate its business smoothly and productively. It offers those features that are the basic and essential requirement of every Salon. Online Booking, Inventory Management, Point of Sale (POS), Customer and Staff Management, Notification System Reports and Analytics, Multi-location accessibility, etc. are some of the major features offered by Salonist Software. Considering customer satisfaction as the main priority, the salon software does not disappoint the customers and give them the best booking experience.

With this software, the customers can schedule, reschedule, and cancel the appointments according to their convenience and time availability. From the reminder or alert system, the customers can get notifications as SMS/email for the pending payments, upcoming appointments, etc. It also processes the payments, generates bills, or gives information regarding products, services, or packages, etc. This influential Salon Software can be accessed on a monthly and yearly basis with different plans.

How Salonist is helpful in solving the issues faced by Salons

#1. Online Booking

Online Booking

With the busy staff and customers, you fail to manage the bookings appropriately. Then, you end up rebooking the customers (not assuring that they will visit again). Here, Salonist works as an ideal software for assisting the customers with the convenience they required. It allows the customers to book, rebook, or cancel the appointments by themselves. Assuredly, it takes off the burden from your Salon staff if they cannot rebook the customers face to face.

This feature of salon software also opens the Salon for new customers who cannot have time to call you the whole day. Rather they can move online and schedule the service from the online booking link.

#2. Automated Email Marketing

Automated Email Marketing

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you have no time to keep in touch with customers? Particularly newbies who require some awareness/knowledge to build relationships with them?

Allow Salonist’s automated email marketing to assist you to use Salonist membership plans, anniversary gifts, and appointment reminders. These features enable you to notify the customers in less time and assure their full involvement. Also, this is an effective way to boost appointments for your Spa and Salon services. The main aim of Salonist is to grow the customer retention rate and gain higher revenue for the Salon.

#3. Inventory Management

Inventory Management

As a leading Salon Software, Salonist assists in maintaining inventory as well. Salon business owners, cashiers and auditors use Salonist for automating the inventory audit method and complete it quickly. According to the data input, you can quickly and simply make various reports required to end the inventory process.

From these reports and analytics, the Salon owners can monitor the inventory available in the warehouse, keep track of the usage, find out some illegal activity, and assure that the Salon business is managed accordingly. From the powerful inventory management system, you can lessen the wastage of resources and boost the Salon profitability.

#4. Reduce no-shows

No shows are also one of the biggest issues while handling the Salon business. Most of the customers do not show up on time and that results in wastage of time and money as well. At that particular time, it is not even possible to ask the other customers to visit the Salon before their time. All these circumstances result in no-shows.

What best you can do is that you can start taking the upfront payments when the customers book with you. The reason behind this is that when the customer fails to visit you at the right time then, with the upfront, you are not at a loss. Also, it will encourage them to visit their appointments because they are financially committed now. For paying, the Salonist’s best and reliable payment gateways, like Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, etc can help the customers to pay for the appointments. Hence, Salonist helps you to reduce the no shows.

#5. Customer Management

Customer Management

Before, the customers visit the salons at any time of the day without making an appointment beforehand. With this approach, they end up waiting for hours to get services. Because of the more footfall at Salon, most of the customers fail to get the desired services. Now, with a Salonist, you can totally end these Problems Faced by Beauty Salons.

The Salonist can be used to schedule the appointments online with customers any time and from anywhere. Accessing this management solution is easy with a laptop, computer or any internet-oriented portable mobile device. Just mention the available time slot, staff, beauty services, the customers and easily book the online appointments with them.

Besides, the Salonist seamlessly manages the customer’s data, their previous history, etc. From this data, you can recommend the services to the customer in the future with discounts. It serves perfectly and manages the customers in the Salon, treats every customer best with the right beauty services and products, and builds a satisfied customer base. Online Booking management software automatically sends instant notifications for every important activity and encourages more sales.

#6. Staff Management

Staff Management

Salon’s success or failure highly depends on its staff performance. If your talented staff are trustworthy for providing the best services, fulfilling their responsibilities and treating the customers to the best, then, they are the helping hand for improving the business volume.

On the other hand, if the Salon staff is unprofessional, ignorant, and reluctant, then it lets the customers leave the Salon and prefers not to visit the Salon again. Do not give this slow death to your business. Of course, the busy Salon cannot supervise every single activity of staff from time to time.

Salonist is an active yet powerful solution for most of the Problems Faced by Beauty Salons for managing the staff and monitoring their yearly/monthly/daily performance. What best you can do is that you can create the profile of every employee on the Salon Solution and assists you to track the daily attendance of every staff, leaves, sales they have generated, work done by them, and all the feedback given by the customers of various employees.

From this online booking solution, you can create error-free reports or analytics about the performance of every employee and then, manage accordingly. It is a perfect employee-tracking system that gathers the data on the cloud server. You can also examine the gathered data and find out the worst and best performers seamlessly.

#7. Database Management

Database Management

In general, the traditional Salon owners use pen drive, diary, excel sheet, computer, to gather and store the Salon data and use them daily for many purposes. The offline storage and optimization of data have to turn out to be the problem for the individuals when the data input increases.

In addition, anyone can steal data from an offline storage location, modify it in a malicious way, and completely damage it. Hardware or software failure can also cause data loss. Salon experts provide effective solutions to these Problems Faced by Beauty Salons. It is based on cloud servers and automatically collects data. The collected data is stored in an integrated database in the cloud platform.

A Salonist provides an efficient solution to the Salon problem. As it is a cloud-based software and gathers data automatically, to integrate it into the cloud platform.

Few authorized ones can access the stored data and use it to interact with customers, communicate them to new beauty services and products, check their claims, and manage salon business easily. The online integrated database permits the Salon business owner to check the data from anywhere and hence, operate every operation smoothly.

Concluding Remarks

Running a salon is full of challenges. The paradox is that the bigger and more thriving a Salon is, the greater the difficulties it faces. Indeed, prevention is always better than cure, it is difficult to forecast each potential problem.

Hence, we hope to solve these problems for you. Now, the problems faced in the Salons are usually solved more easily and quickly than before with a Salonist Software. Just add it to your business and provide your customers with the best services they deserve.

Hopefully, this article has given you the best of the knowledge. If still, you have some queries or suggestions then let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks to you for reading!!