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Support your Salon during COVID-19 with Salonist’s Product Tips

POSTED BY Sophie Jobs

Support your Salon during COVID-19

Managing service-based businesses has become a challenge in the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Most of the businesses are trying their level best to maintain the workflow.  Above all, the most important thing here is to keep the customer base intact.  They are the foundation of our business; unsatisfying them or annoying them would be devastating. So, there is a need to opt for a solution that can keep your business sustained and thriving at the same time. 

So, here we are with some of the Salonist’s Product Tips that you can follow even when your Salon’s door is closed. 

Salon during COVID-19 with Salonist’s Product Tips

#1. Leverage the online deposits to safe your Salon revenue

Leverage the online deposits to safe your Salon revenue

We cannot entertain the hard cash in this certainty, so, ask you, customers, to make the digital payments only. Allow them to pay in advance or in parts for their future bookings. If in any case, they are unable to secure their booking with you and reschedule or cancel the bookings, then do not refund, instead convert the deposits in some offers, or gift vouchers.

Also, make assure that the customers are not canceling the bookings and making advance payments in this financial crisis. Hence, make it apparent that the cancellation policy includes only the gift vouchers, credit points, etc. (keep refund as the last resort).

#2. Offer gift vouchers to the customers

Offer gift vouchers to the customers

Provide the gift vouchers to the potential customers and check the in-flow of customers, then. It is the best option that can surely give you benefits in a day itself. Ask if your customers can buy the gift vouchers from you in this tough time and use them in future bookings. It is a win-win deal.

Setting up the gift vouchers

You can set-up gift vouchers in a few minutes only. All you have to:

  • Move to Setup->Gift vouchers
  • Tick the “Custom amount vouchers can be purchased online” box
  • Fill in the payment gateway such as Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net to link to Salonist to sell the gift vouchers online.

#3. Notify the customers if you are open

Notify the customers if you are open

If your Salon business is still open, then notify the customers regarding the same with the SMS and email to keep them updated. These alerts can also be sent to the customers about rescheduling when they are sick. Below there are some samples that can help you with all this:

a) Reminder Message Template

Hello First_Name, This message is a reminder regarding your appointment on Booking_date_time with Staff_name_first Staff_name_last. Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, we request you that if you are not well, then, please cancel or reschedule your appointment with us. You can approach us on Location_telephone. Thank you! Hope to see you soon!

b) Confirmation Message Template

Confirmation Message

Hello, your appointment was scheduled with business_name on Booking_date_time. Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, if you are not feeling well, then you can contact us on Location_telephoe to reschedule. You can also interact with the need for the customers to rebook or to update them with all the changes to the business. Like, if you are reducing the hours, shutting down, and or even, open to entertaining the customers, then, notify them.

c) SMS Campaign Template

Hello, this is [fill the business name], here, with the urgent update. In this current Covid-19, we ask if you are unwell then please rebook with us till when the symptoms are not cleared. The customers should use the hand sanitizer before entering the Salon. Thank you for your corporation.

Note: Do not forget to include the business name to the text so that the recipients know who is sending it. We advise you to send this message because it is essential in your area. Send this message to the customers with bookings in the next 30 days.

This is the best way to protect your salon in this covid-19 outbreak

#4. Include essential health questions to the online booking experience

The best way to notify the customers regarding the appointment policies is to acknowledge them with some queries when they schedule with you on the phone or online. All these responses are saved in the appointment notes.

Below are some of the questions that you can ask:

  • Is there any person living with you who is self-isolating?
  • Have you visited any of the most affected COVID-19 countries in the last 14 days?
  • Are you facing any cold or flu signs?

#5. Include the specific information to the online booking form

The other way to send the messages across is to include the booking guides to the online booking process.  Undoubtedly, it is the best place to give information about the booking policy to assure the safety of your customers and team. 

#6. Best Ideas for Gift Voucher promotion

It’s better to be social. Use some interesting social media handles, like Facebook and Instagram to spread the word. Promote an attractive deal to engage the customers, such as, you can post “Get $150 vouchers for $125”. Include different businesses, such as retail stores, cafes, and other service-based businesses, and allow them to cross-promote the deals altogether and get more volume of customers.  

Wrapping Up

This article was all about the Salonist’s Product Tips that you should follow to secure your Salon business. We know that this uncertainty has suddenly collapsed everything, bit, there is no harm to do a bit to save what we have earned. 

So, here you have the silver spoon!! Use it for the best!!

We hope this piece of information is useful to you. If you have some doubts related then ask us in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!

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