Unique Ways To Market Your Salon During Holidays

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Holidays – the time of joy, bar-b-que, massages, and spa treatments. For salons, it is a jackpot, but only if you market your salon during holidays in the right way and, to the right audience.

Your marketing strategy must be upgraded for the holidays. For your assistance, we have compiled a list of seven ways to advertise your salon to get maximum traffic during this season.

7 Ways To Market Your Salon During Holidays

#1. Holiday discounts are the way to go!

Market Your Salon

The only way to attract people is to vibe with their holiday spirit, and what better way to do it than shower your clients with discounts. This is the best way to Market Your Salon During Holidays.

#2. Eye Out For Every Holiday Festival Around.

Venture beyond your 4-walled-salon. Set up stalls at every local festival, offer on-spot manicures and blowouts. People love it when companies go creative.

#3. Make Your Aesthetic Insta-Worthy.

Make your aesthetic Insta-worthy

Be it Christmas, fall, or summer, revamp your salon’s aesthetic for the holidays. When your clients’ social media accounts are flooded with pictures of your salon, other people will be forced to ask where they were – hence, marketing you.

#4. A Free Blow-Out On The First Day Of Summer.

Hold on! Don’t think we are sending your business into a loss. Your one free blow-out ensures that potential customers that weren’t paying attention before, are familiarizing with your services, and will be coming back soon.

#5. Time To Launch Loyalty Campaigns.

Time to launch loyalty campaigns

Now that you have enough foot traffic coming in, it’s time to ensure this keeps on the whole year-round. People are more likely to buy loyalty cards when they are in the spa-all-year mood. Salonist’s reward point feature assists you to create locality cards online and also helps you to find loyal clients at your salon.

#6. Free Manicure With The Gift Card!

Free manicure with gift card!

When everyone is buying holiday gifts for their loved ones, make an offer they can’t reject. People are more likely to buy a gift card which gives them a benefit too.

#7. Host Parties To Celebrate The Season.

Holidays are a time to celebrate. Don’t just depend on your local events; hold parties to attract influence’s and locals to market you on social media via their selfies and snaps.

The best marketing you can do is by getting yourself into the holiday spirit and let your authentic self show through.