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Why Salonist is Better Than Zenoti?

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Why Salonist is Better Than Zenoti?

Why Salonist is better than Zenoti?

Zenoti is a single package that addresses all the technological requirements. This All-in-one solution can grow your business with compelling features but is not versatile to fit into every business need. And here, Salonist comes into play and beats Zenoti.

We, at Salonist, has covered you adequately with the cloud-based software to improve your overall business productivity. Salonist is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is designed to manage your Salon business of all niches.

It authorizes your Salon business with intelligent features, from customer management, revenue analysis, easy booking/ scheduling, to staff management, and many more. Additionally, delivering a quality experience, grow customer loyalty, increase revenue, run your operations smoothly with Salonist Software are some of its best practices. With the fully-functional features, Salonist has made their presence noticed in the market, indeed.

Salonist powerful features that make it the right choice

We are here to make you aware of our amazing features that Zenoti does not have. So, let’s find out:

#1. Large inventory management

Large inventory management

As it is known as that inventory is the valuable asset of Salon and is critical for the business of every size. Therefore, Salonist has the capability to manage large inventory but, Zenoti software is not appropriate for large inventory- it cannot handle 7000+ items.

Our Salon software has a well-functional and convenient inventory management system. In other words, mass updates enable you to integrate the information of Salon and Spa at once with product groups, manufacturers, sizes, cost, retail price, and product name.

Also, it keeps track of each product of your Salon and changes the inventory figure every time a purchase is made. It keeps you updated with its intelligent alert system if your Salon is running low on any of the products.

#2. Multi-language support

Salonist gives you an option to convert the software in your native language. Consequently, you can choose any of the languages from more than five and access the back-end effortlessly. So that it can be easy to understand every bit of information and benefits we are providing to you. Whereas, Zenoti lets you access their features and functionalities in English only.

Creating the Salon software is multilingual can benefit you in many ways.

  • The total percent of the population skilled in English is 10%, which belongs to urban India. Therefore, offering services to rest 90% of the population will let you expand the geography.
  • Offering services in the localized language will not only bring extra comfort to the customer’s journey, but it is the best measure to compete with the competitors. To clarify, it builds trust with a boost in customers’ satisfaction rates.
  • As a multilingual Salon software, we value and understand our customers. So, developing an unspoken bond between the customers and brand is our key to gaining more leads and customer satisfaction.

#3. Analytics services

Analytics services

Understanding the well-being of your Salon is critical for your Salon business. Therefore, with our analytics services, you can generate sales analytics. Accordingly, marketing strategies can modify, and the sales volume can be managed.

It displays the appointment charts with the customer your staff needs to serve. Accordingly, Salonist assigns the tasks and assures 100% customer satisfaction.

This salon software examines the staff performance monthly or yearly so that you can have only the capable staff in your Salon for thriving business operation and growth.

#4. Product management

Product management

Salonist gives you the option to manage the products, services, and packages promptly. Certainly, get a clear picture of your products (Stock) with the stock control measure of our salon software.

You can discover the pricing level or pricing group of the customers for account management and email marketing.

We are offering customized packages to the customers as per their requirements, and if they want to avail of the services in the group, we are there!

#5. Customer Data Management

Customer Data Management

Managing customer data is not challenging anymore when Salonist is here. That is to say, get a unique prospect of your customers by analyzing their purchasing patterns so that you can offer personalized services and products accordingly. Also, you can build customer grouping efficiently by setting the priorities once.

Add the new customers seamlessly in the database and give them the required services. However, the exciting part is that it makes you aware of future marketing so that you cannot miss the new business opportunities.

#6. Great customer care support

Entertaining the customers when they require is a must. Consequently, let customers believe that someone is there to help them when they need it. Our Sales and Support team is available 24X7 for you as compared to Zenoti.

Zenoti’s customer sometimes waits for the whole day for their query to get solved. So, call us or shoot an email or SMS, the quick reply is assured.

#7. Billing Management

Billing Management

Salonist is a cloud-based software that can manage everything on the go. In addition, automate your Salon business with this comprehensive billing management approach.

It keeps an eye on the product information in the Salon and assists in the billing process as well. Salonist software sustains the express checkout, which is scalable and flexible.

With billing management, you can get help in sales & billing, record the incomes, manage the digital receipts, track the bill status, send the payment reminders, and accept payments from credit cards, etc.

#8. Feedback Management

Feedback Management

Take care of your Salon online reputation and use Salonist’s feedback management benefit. Above all, give a boost to your customer relationship and make a strong online presence.

Let customers give a quick response to your services so that you can rectify the issues without any further delay. Salonist is the comprehensive customer feedback platform with real-time reporting, customizable feedback forms, in-depth analysis and immediate alerts for salons and spas.

#9. Package Management

Manage the packages online you are offering on your Salon with Salonist. As a result, you can add the packages according to your offers that could be shining hair packages, Bridal packages, or any of the customizable packages.

The packages are categorized as per the value of every integrated service and the service count. Obviously, the payment which is made in advance by the customers during the time they are purchasing gets reduces when they will avail.

Remember that the packages are time base that makes it mandatory for you to track their expiry.

#10. Social media integration

Social media integration

We do not let any stone unturned. Owning a Salon Software that integrates your Salon with social media is a real advantage.

Our fully-features software can be integrated with Instagram, Facebook, and the website (Wix, Weebly, and WordPress). Let customers book the appointment with ease. While Zenoti is not availing this feature and is not integrated any of the social media channels.

Enhance your brand recognition and loyalty by connecting with the eminent customers on their favorite social media platforms.

#11. Lead Management

Use the Salonist software to automate the leads of your Salon. Different sources like chats, social media, and websites could be practiced to convert your visitors into leads.

You can add the leads and take regular follow-ups from them to know the status. Also, you can assign the leads to your staff to contact them regularly.

Engage more customers, run your salon business effectively, bring new customers to your Salon and keep your business growing.

#12. Reporting


Keep an eye on your Salon’s growth with our versatile Salon software. It is the summary that tracks the benchmarks from multiple locations to weekly, monthly, and yearly reports. Certainly, Salonist has a plethora of options, whereas Zenoti integrates only the custom reporting. Salonist provides reporting on:

  • Service Sales
  • Sale list
  • Staff Sales
  • Package Sales
  • Sales discount
  • Membership
  • Rewards
  • Appointment Report List
  • Pending Amount
  • Pending Packages
  • Branch Reporting
  • Product Consumption
  • Services have undertaken, any many more.

Salonist is the best alternative for Zenoti!!

The above-mentioned points make it evident that Salonist is the most suitable alternative of Zenoti.

Hopefully, you liked this article. Please feel free to ask any query. Suggestions are welcome!!

So, move to Salonist and enjoy a 14-day free trial period!

Salonist is trusted by top brands in the whole world and is trusted by more than 10,000 businesses and 45 countries.

Our Happy and Satisfied Customers!

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“Salonist is a real helping hand for all salon owners. It helps in business automation, payment collection, dealing with clients and customers, etc. A must-have CRM software for all hairdressers who run salon business.”– ST. MARTINS BARBER, Stmartin Hub

“I came to know about Salonist through Google Search. I am pleased with this easy-to-use salon management software. A valuable software for smooth operation and rapid development of the salon business. 5 out of 5”.- JAMES AGATHE, Sharp Fitness club & Spa

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