Unique Ideas For Beauty Businesses: Women’s Day Salon Marketing

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Women Day salon marketing

“Where there is a woman, there is magic”

Ntozake Shange

International women’s day – 8th March is around the corner. It is a day celebrated in the world to acknowledge the cultural, political and social achievement of women. Also, the day puts key issues like gender equality and the empowerment of women.

It is a good time for salons and spas to get connected with their female counterparts, who are the biggest customer base in the beauty industry. Certainly, international Women’s Day is not only limited to a box of chocolates and flowers, but now it is a day when we celebrate womanhood, praise our achievement, and challenge the stereotypes.

Always remember, as a woman, you should celebrate and pamper yourself daily. However, this day is specifically meant for the same, so, if your busy schedule is not letting you recognize yourself, then, visit the salon.

The Salon owners leverage this day and throw interesting and engaging marketing ideas. And, ends up improving revenue and brand recognition. Those in the beauty industry must understand that it is important to make women feel special and shape the market campaigns smartly. Furthermore, it is always beneficial to modify the one-day celebration into a women’s week.

Give your beauty business a different touch and get fruitful results. Allow all the lovely ladies to spoil themselves and make them your potential customers. But, it is highly recommended to overlook the generic ideas and remain unique.

To help you out, we have come up with all the tips and tricks that you should implement and remain at the top of your marketing game.

Unique Ideas For Women’s Day Salon Marketing

#1. Pick the right theme

Pick the right theme

First thing first, it is highly essential to pick the theme that ideally matches with the women’s day. Also, do not forget to choose the one that reflects your Salon values and objectives.

Together with, as we all know that hashtags are leading these days and the younger generation is highly accepting it, so, it is worth having the creative one for your marketing campaign. Like, you can include; #women #fashion #womenempowerment #womanday2021 #womensupportingwomen etc.

Additionally, you can give your Salon a different feel by decorating it and give your loyal customers the feel of care and pampering. What more you can do:

  • Allow the customers to bring in their daughter, mom or friend with them and provide them with an additional gift. Like; a free hair spa with a haircut.
  • Give them the discount on the second Salon product (like one for you and one for your acquaintances).
  • Post some promotions on your Salon social media pages (preferably, Instagram and Facebook) at least a week before.
  • Notify your customers about the promotions a week before. You can use the Salonist bulk SMS marketing feature and target female customers. This Salon software permits you to send a number of messages in just a click.

#2. Gift card promotions on Women’s Day


Each year, most of the men start searching for a gift in early March for their beloved ones. Indeed, the chocolate box is fine, but what they really want is to relax from their daily activities. Therefore, the gift cards of the Salon are the Best Women’s day present to them. For strong gift card promotions, you should:

  • Publish the post on social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) of gift card promotions before two weeks.
  • For selling the gift cards like a breeze, put them on your Salon reception counter. This way, the customers can glance at them while checking out and promoting them on the store window. You also make them accessible online for those who are last-minute shoppers.
  • Send the messages to the customers to invest in gift cards two weeks back. Here, as well, you can leverage the bulk message feature of Salonist software and target those who need them.

#3. Run a competition

Run competition

Social media channels are the greatest tool to promote the Salon business. So, you can run competitions but in a proper way. Likewise, it is important to check all the terms and conditions before, otherwise, you get yourself banned for using these techniques.

While using Facebook for running a contest, you should not ask the customers to:

  • Tag their friends in the post to be a part of the competition.
  • Like the fan page to be a part of the competition.
  • Share the post to be a part of the competition.

However, you should ask:

  • A trivia question related to beauty
  • The customers to make a caption of an image
  • The customers to share their views, or stories (know their ideas on women’s day)
  • Hold the guessing competition

**You should not forget the main kick- to engage more customers, your price must worth it.**

Know- what are the main points that make your Salon recognized. Or, you can check your service statistics. From here, find out the accurate price and keep the one that attracts the customers more. This way, more engagement is assured and chances are that much will visit your Salon. Follow the tactics to improve the loyalty and publicize the Salon.

#4. Start an email marketing campaign

Start email marketing campaign

What ways do you follow to run your Salon promotions? How can the customer find out you are holding the promotions on Women’s day? If you ask us, then, email marketing campaigns are the tried and tested approach for engaging the customers. Hence, start creating the attractive that reveals your theme and the campaigns you are running.

Uniquely, use the Salon software and segregate your customers (male and female). Check your customer’s history and know their preferences and accordingly, personalize the email marketing campaign.

Additionally, it is advisable to add all the details of events and offers related to International Women’s Day. Soon after, sending it to customers, you can keep track of their responses and generate the reports on Salonist software.

#5. Slash the services price

Slash services price

Discounted services are liked by everyone. Undoubtedly, it is the best way to attract customers on International Women’s Day. But, do not give large discounts that end up in loss. So, play smart and give your customers the right value for their payings.

Like, you can offer three for the price of two (give them complementary services). Therefore, if you have a customer visiting for nail extensions and a hair spa then, offer them a third service free.

Also, you can showcase the discounted services on your Salon website and define the third service accurately. As well, include the four options and allow the customers to choose the preferred one.

#6. Online Booking

Online Booking

Allow the customers to easily schedule their bookings with the Salon management software on Women’s day. Of course, the busy schedule does not allow them to come in person to book. And, the chaos of phone bookings is known to all.

Give customers the ease to book, rebook or cancel at their convenience with the stylish. Indeed, most of the Salon software has integrated Facebook and Instagram; with which the customers can book with you. Not to mention, with the complete automated booking process, the chances of double bookings are less.

#7. Leverage social media

Leverage social media

As we already had mentioned above, social media is the virtue of attracting more and more customers. Assuredly, Facebook and Instagram are widely accepted as social media channels.

As the highly-reached and oldest social network, Facebook has nearly 2.8 billion monthly active users. Definitely, it is a large and striking number. As Instagram is new, even then, it has surpassed the 1 billion global user mark. So, these statistics are clearly depicting how much these are liked by the users all around.

Hence, you can use them this Women’s day and ask your customers to share their experiences with your Salon. On a similar note, make them share the videos or images to please their family or friends. Both platforms have a share button that permits sharing of the videos or testimonials. Furthermore, if you have longer tips, try to start with Facebook, because users are more willing to spend more time on one post.

#8. Host International Women’s Day party

What more you can do to promote your Salon on Women’s day is that you can host an evening party. In like manner, invite your loyal or potential customers and have fun. The evening party could be a great opportunity to connect with customers that you have not seen for long.

To make it a success, you can organize short-easts, decorate the salon, arrange dance lessons, provide foot massages etc.

Additionally, you can build a selfie wall for the customers to click their pictures. Also, ask them if they can post the pictures on Facebook or Instagram, this way, your Salon can gain more visibility. You can motivate your customers to enjoy free services by asking them to do something for you. Tell them to:

  • Follow your Salon on Instagram
  • Post their picture of your Salon and hashtag it with Salon name
  • Tag the friend
  • Give them a freebie or discount on the next service

Wrapping Up

Celebrate womanhood this International Women’s Day! Let your Salon get immense benefits with the unique ideas we mentioned in this article. Use the right Salon software to add a whip to the coffee. In this tough world, it is demanding to stay ahead in the competition and days like National Women’s day are the time to grasp the opportunity.

So, impress all the lovely ladies out there and you are on your way to success! You should give yourself and all the ladies the big pat on the back- you have really done a great job.

Let us know if there are any other tips that we have not mentioned. In case of any query, use the comment section below.

Happy Women’s Day!!