How Sanagua Build Brand with Salonist | Case Study

How Sanagua Build Brand with Salonist


SANAGUA was established in 2020 with the ambition to become a well-known brand in 4 and 5 hotel resort spas in Spain. They believe in the philosophy of three principles; people, nature, and sharing.

The best part is that Sanagua believes in natural benefits, so they prefer organic, promises, and natural cosmetics. They aim to restore internal health, without neglecting appearance, using high-quality professional products, selected carefully for ecological skincare, 100% tailor-made holistic massage, and well- being getaways.

Download the case study to know how Sanagua:

  • Makes booking appointments easy using Salonist
  • Has exceeded its business to 10X.
  • Providing services at the right time to the right customers.
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