Salonist Software: Feature- Prepaid & Credit Management

Prepaid & Credit Payment Management

Sell beauty and salon products and get the money credited in your wallet/bank account with profound ease. Salonist allows you to manage all redemption in an easy way. You can easily handle prepaid and postpaid payments easily & determine your tax liability without facing any problem.

Management of Prepaid & Credit Payment

Easy Management of Prepaid and Postpaid Payments

Use Salonist to manage prepaid and postpaid payments easily. It automatically displays the collected or pending payments against each and every customer & allows you to manage your finances within a few clicks.

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive Reports

Salonist offers comprehensive reports when it comes to financing and accounting. You can use it to predict the potential moves of customers easily and prepare plans accordingly.

Payment Gateway Management

Swift Processing of Payments

Salonist is associated with …. Payment gateway. So, it facilitates easy management of prepaid and postpaid customers. It becomes easier for you to track your finances and minimize the loss in the business.

Credit Control

Advanced Credit Control

Salonist allows you to redeem coupons and get some financial benefits provided by the company.

Pending Payment Notification

Instant Notification About pending Payments

Salonist gives instant notifications about pending payments to entrepreneurs and customers both. So, you can track your payment margins and control your finances accordingly.