Salonist Software: Feature- User & Role Management

User & Role Management

Salonist allows you to have several users on the board and control them easily.

Salonist doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to data protection, user management, and business control. You can authorize and scrutinize any account on Salonist at any point of time. Create roles for employees and assign them using Salonist. You can create many users and roles as per your needs. Buy Salonist now@ $99/month.

User Data Protection

Data Protection

Salonist always care about user’s data stored in its database. It successfully thwarts unauthorized access to its database and keeps it safe in all circumstances.

Unlimited Users Logins

Unlimited User Logins

Create as many users as you want and skyrocket your salon and spa business with talented professionals. No restriction on the number of users.

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Assign Role For Employees Management

Assign Role for Employees

Use Salonist to assign specific roles to employees and ensure their maximum contribution to your salon and spa business. Get your work done within a few mouse clicks.

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Activate/Deactivate User Account

Activate/Deactivate User Account

Based on your needs, you can activate/deactivate your user account at any time to control your employees and track their day-to-day work in the salon and spa center.

Secure Sale Information

Protection of Sales Information

Salonist is safe for use. It protects your sales information and prevents unauthorized access. Only authorized users can see their account and other details.