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How to create and assign discount membership?

Creating different memberships is very easy in salonist

Salonist gives you 2 type of membership - E wallet based and Discount based 

To create and assign Discount membership follow the process described here :

1. Go to Setup  >>  Membership 

2. Click on Add Membership


3. Select Membership Type as Discount Membership 

4. Add Membership Name (it can be any discount based membership)

5. Add Special Offer Price and Discount over there ( how much discount you would like to assign on the membership) 

6. Set Expiry date, the validity of membership

7. Click On Save


Membership is now added 

To assign this to client, Go to Quicksale 

- Add client name 

- Click on Add Membership and select it from drop down 

Select Payment and Click on Generate Bill

The Membership will be assigned to that client, then whenever client is visiting and you are on billing page, adding client, system will auto gives you discount added there 

Also, here is the video tutorial for your reference