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How to use Cash book feature in Salonist Software?

Cashbook feature is also available in salonist,

Go to Cashbook, Click on Add  to do entries in the cashbook.

In the Opening Cash column, fill the quantity of cash which you are having, when you open the salon in the morning. After putting the opening cash, click on Save and then Update it.

Then, in the evening, when you are going to close the salon, put the quantity of cash you are having in the Closing Cash column and then click on Save & Close and then Update it. By clicking on Save & Close, you are closing the register for the day. 

The values in Total 1 column and Total 2 column will be fetched automatically from the software. You dont need to fill anything in that columns. Total 1 will include your todays sales and and Total 2 will include the expenses for the day.