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How to add gift card?

Create Amazing gift cards for your clients to send it on their special day such as Birthday, Anniversary or at any other Occasion 

Follow the steps to create quickly 

1. Go to Sales Tools >> Gift Card.

2. Click On Add Gift Card.

Now, here click on

1. Auto Generate to auto generate the gift card numbers 

2. Give gift card Amount with its Expiry date. the service is optional 

3. Add Sender and Receivers Names, both should be added in your system

4. You can add message. Ex. Client xyz is coming and buying gift card from you for his/her friends or relatives, that would be your sender and for whom he/she buying that is receiver so write down the occasion under message box and select Template Type accordingly 

Ex. Lara is buying for Sam to send it on his birthday such way you can create a template type with the name of Birthday and upload a image under template type. check the below screenshots here. 

Also, here is the video tutorial for your reference.