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We understand your business values and management difficulties; that's why our salon management software is here to fulfill your needs. Whether you are running a beauty or wellness business, we are here to help you!

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Streamline your daily tasks by automating operations, from scheduling appointments and managing clients to handling retail sales, overseeing staff, and processing payments.

  • Online Booking

    Online Booking

    Salonist simplifies salon management, allowing customers to book and cancel appointments online. It generates a unique booking link for you. So, your salon clients can access the service booking page via social media or the website, ensuring easy and convenient bookings.
  • Slot blockers

    Slot blockers

    Resolve customer confusion by highlighting staff availability through the slot blocking feature in our salon management system. Avoid double bookings, guaranteeing the seamless operation of your beauty business.
  • Off hours

    Off hours booking

    Empower your salon customers to book appointments after business hours, ensuring continuous bookings even when the salon is closed. This feature-driven salon manager enhances business growth, revenue and provides freedom to salon customers to schedule services at their convenience.
  • Package booking

    Package booking

    Easily design attractive salon service packages with Salonist. Offer affordable bundles or complimentary combos to attract customers, encouraging them to explore more services. Salonist, a top salon manager, allows online booking of these packages, enhancing customer engagement and boosting sales.
  • Membership booking

    Membership booking

    Salonist enables you to manage your salon client memberships, granting special perks and incentives during service bookings. This fosters long-term customer relationships, ultimately benefiting the salon business.
  • Accept payment

    Recurring Booking

    Enable hassle-free booking with Salonist's Recurring Booking feature. Manage repetitive appointments, making it convenient for clients to set up regular visits and enhancing efficiency in your salon.
  • inventory

    Centralized inventory

    Salonist manage centralized inventory for multi-branch salons. Track beauty product quantities, prevent shortages, and ensure seamless availability with our user-friendly salon software.
  • Audits reports

    Audits reports

    Salonist simplifies audits for error-free financial and inventory reports. With user-friendly features in top salon management software, effortlessly access audit records on the mobile app, ensuring an organized beauty business without much time and effort.
  • Inhouse

    Inhouse inventory

    Salonist provides essential features for efficient in-house inventory management. Access key product details, such as availability, required quantity, and average consumption. Detailed reports help salon owners make informed purchasing decisions, and timely alerts ensure proactive restocking.
  • transperancy


    Salon scheduling software ensures transparency in inventory management, allowing salon owners to verify accurate information on item counts and requirements for effective product purchases.
  • transfer

    Transfer inventory

    Easily track transferred products from central warehouse to branches with Salonist salon software. Simplify inventory management for spas, beauty parlors, or barber shops, gaining detailed insights to prevent overstock and ensure product availability.
  • Quantity

    Quantity alerts

    Salonist provides timely smartphone alerts via emails and texts, ensuring salon owners stay informed about inventory status. This online beauty salon software aids in purchasing items at the right time, maintaining optimal quantities, and maintaining financial control.
  • Email marketing

    Email marketing

    Salonist simplify promotional emails to improve salon customer retention. Personalise experiences with birthday wishes, anniversary greetings, and festive offers. Elevate your email marketing with our salon management system!
  • reviews

    Get more reviews

    Boost your salon's reputation by collecting detailed insights on your salon or spa services. Rate aspects from booking to payment, enhancing the customer experience based on feedback. Improve specific areas to elevate overall satisfaction.
  • Coupons

    Coupons management

    Salonist, a versatile salon management software, understands that customers love discount coupons. Easily manage various coupons to engage and reward loyal customers with attractive offers, ensuring ongoing interest in your salon services.
  • Gift Card

    Gift cards

    Let your salon customers buy gift cards of services like haircuts and facials for their loved ones. Salonist’s user-friendly interface enables you to create and list new gift cards and promote salon services without extra effort.
  • Loyality

    Loyalty system

    Loyalty programs keep regular clients engaged with the salon's services. Salonist enables you to offer digital membership cards to your clients for exclusive deals and ensure clients return for services.
  • Sms campaigns

    SMS campaigns

    Boost your salon marketing with Salonist’s SMS services! Configure automated texts to alert your clients to bookings & payments, reduce no-shows, and promote the latest deals. It helps to elevate customer engagement effortlessly.
  • staff commission

    Staff commissions

    Motivate your staff with commissions using Salonist! Track product sales and client services effortlessly. Rewards are automatically reflected in profiles, making staff management and bonuses hassle-free with our beauty salon software.
  • Payroll


    Salonist offers a comprehensive suite for efficient payroll management in the beauty industry. This all-in-one software tracks employee attendance, working hours, and leaves, generating accurate salaries with deductions and adjustments. The user-friendly interface ensures salon owners have the optimal payroll solution.
  • scheduler

    Staff Schedule

    Salonist, beyond its salon management role, informs staff about upcoming appointments, enhancing their preparedness. This helps them stay prepared, significantly boosting work efficiency and benefiting the salon business overall.
  • KPI reporting

    KPI reporting

    Salonist software enhances employee performance evaluation with KPI reporting. This salon software offers detailed insights into revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and client retention. It empowers owners to assess and optimise work output effectively.
  • Notifications


    Salonist send direct notifications on staff dashboards for current and upcoming appointments, reducing the chances of oversight. As the top salon management software, it ensures regular updates for tasks, providing clarity to the workforce and minimizing confusion.
  • Stop shrinkage

    Staff Role Assignments

    Salonist empowers role assignments for staff, granting controlled access. They can view and manage only authorized areas, streamlining salon tasks with a click for enhanced efficiency.
  • White-labeling

    Manage Transactions

    Salonist offers a user-friendly POS interface for seamless payment and billing. Manage transactions effortlessly, from automatic discounts for customers to commission tracking for employees.
  • Tracking

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Integrate payment gateways like Paypal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, and more with our salon system. Simplify transactions, enhance flexibility, and provide a smooth payment experience for your customers.
  • notifications

    Bulk Checkout

    Securely handle bulk transactions with Salonist. Simplify the process for quick and efficient transactions, enhancing your business operations.
  • POS

    Stripe Treminals

    Enhance payment processing with SalonistPay Stripe Terminals. It ensures fast access to funds, streamlines efficient financial transactions, and provides the best experience for your business as well as your customers.
  • Trash can

    Payment Reports

    Salonist provides detailed payment reports and insights into financial transactions. It is keeping records, tracking revenue, and gaining a clear overview of your salon's financial performance for informed decision-making.
  • Activity logs

    100% Payment Security

    Salonist ensures 100% payment security, prioritizing the protection of financial transactions in your salon. Trust in a secure platform that secures customer payments for a worry-free experience

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