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Manage Appointments

Online Booking

Salonist software gives you an online booking feature, using which customers can easily book nail salon appointments, directly from their mobile device or laptop. With the help of Salonist nail online booking system, you can add the “book now” button to your business social media pages that land the customers directly on the appointment booking page. The customers can choose their preferred day and time slot for their nail salon appointment according to their convenience.

Customer Tracking

The customer tracking feature of the nail salon management system automatically stores useful customer information in the database. Details like the client’s phone number, email, purchase history, service preferences, and favorite nail artist help you optimize your offerings according to the customer’s preferences. It improves the customer experience in your nail salon and helps generate positive word-of-mouth referrals.

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Personalized Marketing

Evaluation of Staff Performance

With the performance evaluation feature of Salonist, you can have clarity on how different employees are performing. You can clearly analyze which employee was booked by the most number of clients, who completed the most number of appointments, etc. Business owners can better distribute the work among their staff and also give incentives to the employees who are performing well.

Hassle-free Accounting

A nail salon booking software comes with accounting features that help you efficiently manage finances for all your outlets. You can easily track your expenses, profits, and budgets to purchase the required products for your nail salon. With Salonist, most of the accounting tasks can be automated, saving manual effort and time, which can be utilized to make your services better.

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Marion Delahunt

Founder of Customized Couture, Ireland

Marion Founder of CustomizedCouture, Ireland Managing there operations using Salonist. Salonist has been integral in allowing the business to scale. Marion chats about her business and how Salonist allows her to scale up there business #salonistlove

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Powerful Integrations

In Salonist you can Integrate tools that you are already using for the better salon business growth.

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How can I improve my nail salon business?
Luckily, there is a nail salon software to help! From managing the booking process, inventory, customers, employees to generating reportings, reward and loyalty programs, etc. it has all! The best nail salon management software not only improves your nail business but, also, increases your clientele.
How do I choose a nail salon software?
While choosing the software for your nail salon, find out if it has all the features your business requires. Know if it includes multiple payment processing options, notification system, flexible appointment booking system, inventory management, report & analytics, etc.
WIs a nail business profitable?
Yes, the nail business is promising. Certainly, there are several factors that you require consideration; a proper business plan, financial knowledge, grip on the everyday administrative and operative details, marketing etc. The right nail salon software is the right choice to manage all the mentioned tasks and make your nail business thrive.
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