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Save time for Important Things

Save time for Important Things

It is an automated solution that saves time by managing your staff & customer schedules automatically with just one click. This allows you to put your time and effort into more important parts of your business.

Pre-Appointment Booking Pre-Appointment Booking

Send forms via text message and host online video meetings for pre-appointment consultations. It ensures efficient use of client time while keeping everyone safe.

Client Convenience Client Convenience

Make it easy for clients to book, change, and cancel appointments. They can also see or change upcoming appointments and quickly book past ones.

Boost Productivity Boost Productivity by 60%

Utilize our special "Minimize Gaps" feature to optimize staff schedules, displaying available appointment slots before and after booked times, boosting productivity by up to 60%.

Provide an exceptional experience

Provide an exceptional experience

Salonist delivers the top-notch experience that customers desire for their services, whether it's convenient appointment booking or high-quality service.

24/7 Booking 24/7 Booking

Allow clients to book anytime, anywhere, as half of bookings occur after business hours. Salonist enables your clients to book online through Instagram, Facebook, and your website.

Client Rewards Client Rewards

Boost client retention and expand your client base by implementing a customizable rewards program that your clients will appreciate.

Build Relationships Build Relationships

Keep clients happy by sending automatic appointment confirmations and reminders. Surprise them after appointments with care instructions or a simple thank-you message.

Expand Your Business and Increase Profits

Expand Your Business and Increase Profits

With Salonist, you can make your business better by organizing things well and keeping clients happy. This will help your brand grow and make more money.

Reduce No-Shows up Reduce No-Shows up to 49%

Eliminate no-shows and cancellations to maximize your profits by implementing online payments and deposits with our smart payment solutions.

Reduce No-Shows up Increase Re-bookings up to 30%

Enhance client retention and increase rebooking rates by utilizing automated SMS reminders, ensuring your clients return without the need for phone calls.

Enhance Total Sales by up Enhance Total Sales by up to 97%

Offer budget-friendly payment options like Stripe and Clover with Salonist to attract new clients, and increase per transaction sales. It significantly boosts your overall sales.

Build a Trusted Brand

Build a Trusted Brand

Stand out from competitors with Salonist. It helps you to Increase your business's trust and attract more customers.

Customize Online Booking Customize Online Booking

In Salonist, you can customize your online bookings and client message templates to suit your client's preferences.

Request Reviews Automatically Request Reviews Automatically

Boost your brand's presence by encouraging loyal clients to leave reviews through automated follow-up messages. This improves brand awareness and search engine rankings.

Run Targeted Marketing Campaigns Run Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Execute strategic marketing campaigns by sending personalized email and SMS messages to clients. These messages should be based on their previous interactions and spending habits to increase engagement and sales.

SOAP2 Certified

Salonist is certified in SOAP2, the latest version of a widely used protocol. This certification shows our commitment to using advanced technology for better integration and performance in our salon management platform. Trust Salonist for simple, effective solutions to improve your salon's efficiency and success.

support team

Find Caring & Helpful People

Exceptional Support Exceptional Support

Our exceptional support team offers personalized guidance as per your specific needs at every stage of your journey.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Reach our support team through email, call, or chat during peak hours, or experience the convenience of phone support at your fingertips.

Going Beyond Expectations Going Beyond Expectations

We aim to go beyond your expectations and offer assistance whenever you require it. There are no 'silly' questions here – our friendly team is here to support you without any judgment.

Transparent and Upfront Pricing

Transparent and Upfront Pricing

Transparent Pricing Transparent Pricing

The Salonist pricing model is clear and straightforward. It ensures that there are no hidden fees or surprises. All pricing details upfront, allowing you to make informed decisions without any confusion.

Easy-to-Understand Structure Easy-to-Understand Structure

The pricing structure of Salonist is designed to be easily understood and accessible for all clients. We encourage open communication about pricing, and we're here to answer all your questions or concerns regarding plans.

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Powerful Integrations

In Salonist you can Integrate tools that you are already using for the better salon business growth.

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