Salonist Software: Feature - Marketing Management

Business Marketing

Salonist is a real helping hand when it comes to product and business marketing. Just use this useful CRM system to market your products/services online and make a better relationship with customers. It makes your customers happy and let you have more business opportunities.

Personalized Marketing

Contact List Marketing

Watch your business grow with our practical customer-centric approach. Notify them about your new products and services that they are interested in and effortlessly.

Digital Marketing Management System

Digital Marketing

Salonist offers insight reports to you about the performance of your business. Based on the output, you can define digital marketing strategies to promote your business on the web and get more customers.

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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Salonist sends SMS reminders to both business owners and customers for each and every activity. So, they get ready for each other.

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Marketing Analysis Report

Marketing Analysis

Salonist, with its detailed report, helps you to analyze your marketing efforts and define strategies accordingly.

Discount Coupons Distribution

Distribution of Discount coupons

Salonist helps you in the distribution of discount coupons to loyal customers, which means more business in the future from existing and potential customers.