Salonist Software: Feature - Salon Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Hassle-free inventory management with Salonist. 100% accuracy in product inventory. It helps you to ensure enough products in stock for sales and business promotion.

Stock Control

Real-Time Stock Control

Salonist gives full cover over your stock. You can easily find out what’s in your stock and sell accordingly.

Expiry Date Control Management Software

Expiry Date Control

Salonist displays products in your database as per expiry date. So, see those list and push your sales accordingly.

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Multiple locations Stock Tracker Software

Stock Tracking At Multiple Locations

Salonist allows you to track stocks in multiple salons and spas you operate. So, you can handle different stores from one place and make more profits.

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Stock and Inventory Report

Inventory Reporting

Salonist creates reports about the stock and inventory. So, it becomes easier for you to control your stock and ensure the availability of products at all the times.

Stock Inventory Report As Per Purchase Order

Stock Inventory as per Purchasing Orders

This allows you to get up-to-date about your stocks and sales your products accordingly.