Salonist Software: Feature - Reward Point Management

Reward Point Management

Reward your loyal customers and get more business opportunities from them. Ask your customers to refer your CRM software in their circle and help you generate quality leads.

Automatic Calculation of Reward Point

Easy Calculation of Reward Points By Total Spending

Salonist uses its database to calculate the most loyal customers to your business owners. It automatically recommends you the customers you should offer reward points and discounts.

Reward Point Calculation Software

Reward Points calculations by Items

Some customers purchase your salon and spa products more than others. Salonist keeps this point while suggesting you the loyal customers.

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Customer Group Reward Point Calculation

Reward Points calculations by Customer Groups

Some customers avail your salon and spa services in the group and seek discounts on big purchases. Salonist helps you to decide who should get the reward points.

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Reward Point for Customer Referral

Reward Points for Customer Referral

Treat all customers as your brand ambassadors. Ask them to refer your business to the maximum number of customers and reward them for the same.

Adjustment In Reward Points

Adjustment in Reward Points

Salonist reward point system allows you to make the much-needed adjustments in your reward point calculations and give rewards to the deserving candidates.