Sell Gift Vouchers | Salonist Gift Card System For Salon & Spa
Customized Gift Vouchers

Customized Gift Vouchers

Give your customers the freedom to choose with our customizable gift vouchers. With Salonist, you can create unique vouchers based on your clients' purchase value and preferences. Salonist lets you adjust the voucher’s expiration date and value. Each voucher has a unique code for tracking and is linked to the recipient for easy use at checkout.

Sell Gift vouchers

Sell Gift vouchers on Online Platforms

Salonist Gift voucher feature allows salon customers to purchase gift cards directly on your website, social media, or booking platforms. It gives them the convenience of buying a gift at any time for their loved ones.

Track Gift Cards

Track Gift Cards

With our gift card system, you can track gift vouchers from your Salonist account. You can create new gift cards, see the balance and details of existing ones, and assign them to customers easily.

Also, you can change the amount, see how much has been used, and get an overview of your gift card program. This feature helps you stay organized, make smart decisions, and provide a smooth experience for your customers.

Flexible Redemption Options

Flexible Redemption Options

With our partial redemption feature, salon clients can use their voucher value at their own pace. They can apply the voucher at checkout when they're ready to redeem. The remaining balance will be automatically carried forward for future uses. This means they can enjoy the flexibility to use their voucher whenever they like.

Gift Voucher Notification

Gift Voucher Notification

With Salonist, you can send messages to both the buyer and the recipient. It shares gift vouchers directly to clients via SMS, WhatsApp, and email at the time of checkout. Salonist provides customized notifications for a smooth gifting experience Including voucher details such as name, value, and expiry date.

Digital Gift Cards Sale Report

Digital Gift Cards Sale Report

Our digital gift card program provides complete sales and usage reports of gift vouchers. It allows you to track and analyze key metrics, including sales trends, usage patterns, and staff performance. Our complete reporting feature gives detailed voucher sales insights from purchase dates, expiry dates & values, to available balances.

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Marion Founder of CustomizedCouture, Ireland Managing there operations using Salonist. Salonist has been integral in allowing the business to scale. Marion chats about her business and how Salonist allows her to scale up there business #salonistlove

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