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16 Ultimate Ways to Automate Salon & Spa Routine Work

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It is rightly said, a little convenience goes a long way and salon automation is a robust building block for making things convenient! Well, Salonist can help your salon impart just that, be it for the customers or your staff. Salonist is a brilliant management software for beauty businesses such as spas, salons, barber shops, massage parlours, etc. It’s a perfect fit for your salon as it automates and streamlines all your business operations and brings overall efficiency.

Let’s take a closer look at how our management software can help automate your beauty salon and help it flourish in multiple ways.

1. Online appointment booking

Salonist incorporates an online booking system that allows your customers to book appointments anytime and anywhere. It makes booking super easy for your customers and streamlines the scheduling as well. We also have a mobile application for iOS and Android which further adds to the convenience of booking. Plus, having an online system that is available 24/7, you can enjoy an edge over your competitors.

2. Online booking through social media

Apart from providing an online booking system, Salonist enables your customers to book appointments through your social media handles. Our management software creates a link that redirects your customers to your booking page upon clicking. You can add this link to your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. With this, when a potential customer comes across your services and wants to make an appointment, the link will directly lead it to your booking page.

3. Automated slot blocking

Slot blocking is another automated feature that allows you to give real-time updates about the availability of your staff members. When two customers want to book a particular staff member this feature comes in super handy. It avoids confusion for the customers about the availability of the staff. They’ll get to see in real-time whether their preferred staff member is free to provide the service at the selected time slot. With detailed information about the time your staff members are engaged or free, customers can make an informed decision. Plus, you won’t have to deal with double appointments and rescheduling in such cases.

4. Advanced billing and accounting system

Having robust billing and accounting systems is integral for the smooth running of your beauty salon business. If you are doing this manually, it’ll consume a lot of your time in maintaining records and may take away your focus. Salonist solves this problem by digitising your billing and accounting systems. As soon as a customer books an appointment, the software creates a bill and also records the transaction with all the customer details. The bills are automatically sent to the customers and kept in the records. All the transactions are recorded neatly and it builds your database, improving your bookkeeping efficiency.

5. Payment accepting system

A hassle-free payment system is a fundamental requirement for every business in the beauty industry. With Salonist, you get a secure and fast automated system that makes booking simple and efficient. Salonist integrates all primarily used payment gateways so your clients are sure to find their desired methods. Plus, all the transactions through the software are SSL encrypted to protect your customers’ valuable information.

6. Appointment confirmation notifications

Keeping the customers in the loop is essential to improve customer satisfaction and Salonist can help you with that. After the customer has made the appointment, Salonist automatically sends a confirmation message to them along with the details of the appointment. By automating this procedure, you won’t have to appoint staff members for this and you can use these resources for other operations. Moreover, the software automatically integrates these appointments into the client’s Google calendar and they can keep a tap from there as well.

7. Payment and appointment reminders

Along with the appointment confirmation notification and updates, Salonist also helps you remind your customers about making the payment and appointment timings. With this, you can track all your bookings and automatically remind the ones with pending payments to confirm their appointments. It sends reminders as notifications to the customers and keeps them informed about the appointment timings and the staff member serving them. You can do this for all the departments and make it easy for the staff to regulate their appointments. Having an elaborate automated system takes away the hassle of keeping track of appointments and payments making scheduling a lot easier.

8. Cancellation and rescheduling alerts

Cancellations and no-shows are normal occurrences for any beauty salon but they do disrupt the smooth flow of your daily operations. Plus, if you are not informed and updated about the cancellations, scheduling becomes a daunting task. However, with Salonist, you don’t have to worry about being in the dark about these sudden cancellations. Your customers can inform you about the cancellation or request for rescheduling and you get these alerts in time. Having the information can help you make timely adjustments to the schedule and create room for more appointments.

9. Automated marketing campaigns

Automating the operations of your salon will help you run your business smoothly however, building an extensive customer base requires a little more than just that. It’s the implementation of varied marketing strategies and tracking them for fruitful results. Salonist has automated marketing campaigns to track the leads and convert them into sales. The software also improves your online presence and helps you attract more customers. It bridges the gap between you and your potential customers by reaching out to them with offers and promotions like discounts, referrals, and gift certificates. Salonist also takes care of customer relationship management by sending automated emails and messages keeping them in touch and updated about the latest developments.

10. Automated greetings for birthdays and anniversaries

Serving the clients right and making them feel valued is the basic thumb rule for improving customer satisfaction. Well, Salonist doesn’t leave this aspect behind when it comes to salon automation. It maintains a database of your customers and sends automated messages wishing them on their birthday or anniversary. These messages can also be used as promotions sending them personalised offers and discounts. With Salonist, you will never miss the chance to make your clients feel special and make their day even more special.

11. Inventory audit reports

From salon equipment to brushes and all the makeup cosmetics, a beauty salon has a ton of inventory to manage. There are so many things to organise and keep track of that gets overwhelming. Not to forget, if you have multiple departments and branches, this workload increases multiple times. Salonist digitalises your inventory management system and helps you manage your products and stock. You get real-time updates about the usage of the products and the remaining quantity. Plus, if there is any transfer of inventory among departments or branches, you get reports about them.

12. Low inventory alerts

Along with the detailed audit reports, Salonist has an integrated point of sale (POS) system that tracks your inventory, and sales, and manages your merchandise. With this POS system, all your transactions are recorded and you get updates about the sale of the products, their usage, and remaining inventory. The software will alert you about the low inventory levels so that you can timely maintain your stock. Plus, it covers all the branches and departments giving you the ability to streamline your inventory management and do it all from a single screen.

14. Detailed reports for everything

Salonist takes a 360-degree approach and automates almost all aspects of your beauty salon from booking to payment, inventory, staff, billing & accounting, and marketing. To ascertain your progress graph, you need concrete data about all these activities. But keeping track and recording all these operations manually would mean drowning in an endless sea of paperwork. Salonist is the perfect answer to this situation as it automates the tracking and recording procedure and presents all this data in detailed reports. You will get valuable insights into every aspect of your salon business and can take necessary measures to make improvements and flourish.

15. Collect feedback from customers

Another aspect of asserting the performance of your salon is the feedback from customers and Salonist allows you to monitor these reviews. In fact, the software has an automated feature to ask customers about their experience. It then relays this feedback to you and adds to the other reviews and feedback about your business. Salonist timely alerts you about the feedback and if it's alarming you can take remedial action to resolve the issue at the earliest.

16. Automates payroll and commission system

Employee payments are a recurring feature and it involves varied calculations from commission to leaves and working hours. Salonist is an all-inclusive salon management software providing you with an automated payroll system to give you a properly structured system. It automatically calculates the salaries of your staff considering all the deductions and adjustments leaving you a lot of time for other functions. To add to it, the Software prepares KPI reports about your employees to help you ascertain their performance through the key performance indicators

17. Maintaining databases

Maintaining a database of customers and other operational activities of your business is crucial to be informed and gauge your growth. Salonist is a cloud-based beauty business management software that digitalises all your procedures and records every development. It will maintain databases of information that you can access anytime and anywhere. With Salonist, you won’t ever have to worry about missing out on anything as the all-inclusive software keeps you posted about everything. Plus, these databases are secured against any data breach attacks capable of protecting your customer’s data.


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We have everything that you need to run your Salon business. Use Salonist free for 14 days and experience the difference!!

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