Salonist Software: Feature- Employees & Staff Management

Employee Appointment Management

Management of Employees often put employers in stress. Now, no more stress! Use Salonist to manage your employees and pay them as per their performance.

Employee Scheduling Appointments with Customers

Flexible Employee Scheduling & Appointment Management

With the help of Salonist, you can easily manage your employees and instruct them to take care of appointments with customers within a few clicks.

Business Automation

Business Automation, A sharp Cut in Manual Labour

Salonist facilitates business automation. So, it helps you to manage multiple employees for business operation and cut the manual labour up to a great extent.

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Employee Profile Management

Employee Profile Management

Get all details about your employees and their performance with a single click. It helps a lot in Employee Profile Management.

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Payment and Commission Calculation

Automated Payment & Commission Calculation

Salonist automatically calculates the payment and commission of employees and allows you to compensate them as per their performance.

Satisfaction of Employees

100% Satisfaction of Employees

Salonist is a great CRM software to allocate duties among employees in an appropriate manner. So, you can ensure 100% satisfaction of employees with its careful use.