Salonist Software: Feature- Employees & Staff Management

Staff Management & Payrolling System

salonist helps to manage the employess payrolling and attendence . Salonist automatically track the payrolling and staff commissioning and calculate there payouts based on it.

commissioning profile management

Commissioning Profile Management

Boost your staff to sell more .Salonist enables you to set targets rules by services,products and packages. Salonist helps your staff to focus on selling more of specific products or services.

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assigning role for staff

Assigning Role for Staff

Use Salonist to assign specific roles to employees on the salonist. Your staff can see what you allow them to check. Get your work done within a click.

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commission structures

Commission Structures

Have more control over payroll costs by adjusting commission rates by specific employee, experience levels, sales goals, or specific retail products.

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