Salonist - Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund and the Cancellation policy

Planning to upgrade to Salonist Premium, but you want to check out the features to assure yourself. Salonist is offering a 14-days subscription for the free trial.

After the completion of the trial period, upgrade your account to Premium, and pay at the time of upgrade. In case you are not satisfied with our software, then you have to claim the below refund policy:

  1. How to ask a refund

    To refund, you need to mail us at The subject line would be " Salonist subscription refund." Also, mention the business name and email address connected with the account. Mail your request in 30 days after signing up with Salonist.

  2. How the grace period goes

    To ask for a refund, you should downgrade and forward the request within the first 30 days after completing the process of signing up. The requests given after 30 days might not get refunded.

  3. Processing time

    Generally, the processing of refund takes around 5 to 7 working days after receiving the request.

  4. We want you to find the best solution

    Yes, sometimes the things do not work appropriately. And, the right solution is required that fulfill all your requirements. That is the one above Salonist. Usually, we will respect your request for a refund, despite when it demanded. If you spare your time and effort to make Salonist work for you and it does not, then some credit is obvious. We will surely make it work for you. It is the responsibility of the one accepting the request, and the context of the created request. But, assure that there is always a negotiation and flexibility.

  5. Cancellation Policy

    The subscription can get canceled if you are not satisfied with the software. To cancel, you need to contact us at +1 (877) 893-2591 or mail us at

    On the contrarily, you can tell us about the issues you are facing. We will try to amend the changes according to your requirements.

    The features can be integrated accordingly. After the completion of the cancellation policy, you do not need to pay us further.

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