Salonist Software: Feature- Automated Customer Groups

Customers Data

Our dedicated customer tracking software keeps you updated with the customer’s purchasing communication history. Using its convenient approach, you can have a unique prospect of your customer while organizing.


Automated Customer Grouping

Create customer grouping easily with Salonist Customer Grouping. Just set your priorities once and the CRM software will automatically group customers. Group Customers can easily get the applicable special rewards points and discounts.

Track the Purchasing of Customers

Easy Tracking of Spending & Purchasing Pattern

With Salonist, keep a close eye on the purchasing pattern of customers. Based on reports, offer personalized products and services to them and ensure their 100% satisfaction.

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Customers Feedback

Quick Interaction With Customers

Salonist facilitates quick interaction with customers. You can create consultancy questions yourself to boost the communication level and keep loyal customers associated with your brand.

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New Customers

Easy Addition of New Customers

With Salonist, it becomes easier to add new customers to your database and provide them the requested services.

Future Marketing

Future Marketing

Without Salonist’s report, you can easily track the future intentions of customers and market your products/services accordingly for the acquisition of new business opportunities.