Salonist Software: Feature - Analytics Management

Analytics Services

Salonist gives error-free analytics services. So, you can determine the well-being of your salon and spa business and take further steps for its expansion & all-round development.

Upcoming Appointments & Number of Customers

See Upcoming Appointment and Numbers of Customers

Salonist automatically shows appointment charts and the total number of customers you have to serve. You can assign tasks to your staff accordingly and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Top Selling Products & Services Management

Top Selling Products and Services

Salonist shows top selling products and services for every month. So, you can initiate special sales campaigns to boost the sale of salon and spa products and make more profit margins.

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Employees Performance Analysis

Review The Performance of Your Employees

With Salonist, you can easily analyze the performance of your employees either monthly or annually. This helps you to keep only talented staff on the job for successful business operation and expansion.

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Sales Analytics Report

Sales Analytics

Salonist actively demonstrates sales analytics to you. So, you can determine the sales volume and define your marketing strategies accordingly.

Customer Activity Analysis

Closely Analyze Customer Activities

Salonist gives you a clear picture where your customers come from and what is their exit point. You can design your business marketing strategies accordingly and make more profit margins.