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Salonist gives simple, concise and clear analytic service. Perceive everything you require on any device and know the well-being of your salon and spa business. Take further steps for its expansion & all-round development.



Use the Salonist dashboard to check the status of appointments, product sales, payroll, service providers and client retention etc. You can access it easily from any device to scrutinize your business.

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Employees Performance Analysis

See Upcoming Appointment and Numbers of Customers

Salonist automatically shows appointment charts and the total number of customers you have to serve. You can assign tasks to your staff accordingly and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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Top Selling Products & Services Management

Top Selling Products and Services

Salonist display best selling products and services every month. It is beneficial for your Salon to serve the customer according to their likings. Also, you can initiate special sales campaigns to boost the sale of salon & spa products and make more profit margins.

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Employees Performance Analysis

Review The Performance of Your Employees

With Salonist, you can easily analyze the performance of your employees monthly or annually. This helps you to keep only talented staff for successful business operation and expansion.

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Top Selling Products & Services Management

Sales Analytics

Salonist actively demonstrate sales analytics to you. So, you can determine the sales volume and define your marketing strategies accordingly.

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Employees Performance Analysis


With Salonist analytics, you can get reports on income, sales, appointments, customer feedback, leads, and employee feedback at any time and any day. The reports allow you to keep an eye on every development and also help you measure your progress with valuable insights.

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Salonist streamlines your inventory management system by introducing a digital system that integrates your inventory information across different departments and locations. With Salonist Analytic service you can examine your Salon inventory for damaged, sold, expired, and lost products, and assure appropriate quantity.

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Salonist eliminates the manual work and uses Excel & comma-separated values files (CSV) to export or print the reports. Plus, the software makes it easy to exchange reports and information among the various departments and locations.

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Paying your employees is a monthly operation and can be a time-consuming process if done manually. Save your precious time with our automated payroll system and focus on important aspects of your salon. Salonist provides you the option to run your payroll weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

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Marion Delahunt

Founder of Customized Couture, Ireland

Marion Founder of CustomizedCouture, Ireland Managing there operations using Salonist. Salonist has been integral in allowing the business to scale. Marion chats about her business and how Salonist allows her to scale up there business #salonistlove

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