Hair Salon Software : Cloud Based Booking & Scheduling System
Features of salonist Software

Salonist delivers beyond the basics to provide everything you need in a single package.


Easy Management of Salon Appointments

With Salonist, you are always at the customer’s service. With the ease of Remote Access, you can manage your appointments with clients using any device by an Internet connection. Therefore, show the available slots to customers and book appointments with them easily.

Client Management

Use Salonist hair salon booking system to create a loyalty program, get feedback from customers, store photos, track sales, and more. It automatically sends Email & text messages to both service providers & customers for almost all business activities.

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Personalized Marketing


With Hair salon POS system integration, you can easily collect payments from customers, scan barcodes on all your products, redeem coupons and gift cards, and make numerous transactions swiftly. All these will skyrocket your salon business growth.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive reporting is important to make important marketing decisions & accelerate the growth of the hair salon business. With 200+ reports to choose from, you will come to know that Salonist is your true business partner.

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Clients Testimonials

See what our clients say

St. Martins Barber

"The best thing about this software is that it always keep the entire record of the customer in an impressive way. It is manageable and very easy to access"

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Joseph P

"Salonist is a great product with a lot of features that make salon management easy and efficient. Covers everything from appointments to marketing.".

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Zin Lang L.

"I am using salonist from the last 4 months. Now I manage my salon task easily as compare to before 4 months. I like its Easy Management of Salon Appointments feature. Salonist's members are also helpful they support me in learning this software. Thank you salonist team!"

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What software do hair salons use?
Minimizing errors, accessibility enhancement, uncomplicated client communication, enhanced revenue are key points to consider while choosing hair salon software. Salonist is one of the best software available. As a cloud-based software, it facilitates online booking, report & analytics, customer management, etc. and hence, improves brand recognition.
How do I choose a Hair salon software?
While choosing the software, you need to consider some of the key factors, such as; knowing your business goals, budget, customer support availability, security and the essential features you require. Also, if the software provides a free trial, then, it would be highly beneficial, hence, you can make an ideal choice.
What is Hair salon software?
The hair salon software is a single unified tool that scales up your hair salon business with its powerful and advanced features. It helps the professionals to manage their daily operational activities and level up their success rate!
How much does Hair salon software cost?
Our hair salon software, Salonist costs according to the features you are choosing. It gives you a free trial of 14-days and ranges till $129.00 per month.
10,000+ Make-up Artists, Therapists, Salon and Spa Experts in more than 60+ countries using Salonist Appointment Booking Software
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