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Salonist has changed the way we run our salon! It handles everything from booking appointments to payroll and other tasks easily. It's affordable compared to other expensive software options that didn't fit our needs. The customer service is great, and the software is easy to use. There's nothing I don't like about Salonist—it's just great!"

Emberrose CEO

I love using Salonist for booking salon appointments! The appointment management feature is incredibly helpful. My clients appreciate the convenience of booking online, especially after hours. It's a great tool that makes scheduling quick and easy for everyone involved!

Choppers Hair Salon, LLC Manager
bio foot

I'm very pleased with Salonist's integration with other systems and its excellent calendar functionality. It has met all the basic needs of my massage center and has streamlined our daily operations. I highly recommend Salonist for its efficiency and reliability!

Bio Foot Reflexology and Massage Center LLC Manager

I came across Salonist while looking for salon software for my beauty salon. It has all the tools I need to manage my salon efficiently. The booking confirmations via SMS and email reminders are a great touch. Thanks to the Salonist team for their outstanding support!

Le Figaro by Michel Haddad Manager
The Beauty Hub

Thank you to the Salonist team for this software! It's so easy to use and helps me maintain customer data effortlessly. My clients appreciate this way of communicating with us. Since implementing Salonist, my aesthetic clinic has experienced almost a 53% growth

The Beauty Hub aesthetic clinic Founder
JC Beauty Medical Center

Salonist has been my go-to salon software for over a year! It's consistently reliable and user-friendly when it comes to booking and rescheduling appointments. The ability to track my staff's performance is a major plus. I appreciate the feature that sends reminders to my clients about their appointments. A big thank you to the team for this amazing salon software!"

JC Beauty Medical Center Founder

Salonist software has been a great asset for us! We use it for booking appointments, managing payroll, and handling various tasks, and it's been excellent. It's cost-effective and covers all our needs. The customer service is top-notch. I have no complaints—it's been an all-around positive experience!


For my medspa business, Salonist is essential! It takes care of all my bookings, payments, and staff schedules efficiently. I highly recommend it to anyone in the salon industry!


I've been impressed with the features of this software. It's easy to understand and navigate, and the daily sales reports delivered to my inbox are very convenient. I recommend this to all salon owners—give it a try!

Deric Chen- Ginza Lash

When I discovered Salonist, it was the perfect solution for my salon's needs. It has eliminated all the daily chaos I used to face. The Salonist team was very helpful in guiding us, and the software is incredibly user-friendly. Booking appointments is straightforward, and the software is easy to use without any special training!

Mohammed Al-Faisal- Buqwal Salon and Spa

I've had a great experience with Salonist software. It's easy to use and provides quick technical support. The software handles data efficiently, and I love the Point of Sale, daily sales reports, and bill SMS features. I recommend it to all salon operators.

Lacoqutte Salon

Salonist is the backbone of my salon business. It helps me manage bookings, payments, staff schedules, and more. I highly recommend this software to all salon owners!

Dreamy Nails & Eyelashes

Salonist has been a key part of our business management since 2020. It assists us with appointments, payroll, staff management, and more. The support team is top-notch. We're very happy with Salonist and have no complaints!

Kelvin Yap- Kelture
SPA Lounge

Thanks to the online booking feature, I've saved a lot of time on administrative tasks! The ongoing updates based on customer suggestions are excellent. It makes it easy for me to manage all bookings, payments, and staff hours.

SPA Lounge
SL- Clinic

Salonist has simplified my life by keeping everything organized and going beyond my expectations. The support from the Salonist team has been fantastic, making the process seamless. Scheduling appointments is easy and requires minimal effort. I highly recommend it to anyone running a clinic!

SL- Clinic

This software has managing my hair salon better than I expected. The support team at Salonist has been great, making everything smooth and easy. Booking appointments is simple and efficient. I would recommend Salonist to anyone in the salon business!

Amuma Hair

I want to thank the team for creating this software. It's so easy to use and simplifies managing customer data. My customers love how convenient it is. Since I started using Salonist, my aesthetic clinic has been growing continuously.

Biocare Aesthetics
Etica Spa

I'm impressed with how much Salonist software has streamlined my spa business operations. From booking appointments to managing inventory, it covers all aspects of my spa. The customer support is responsive and helpful. My spa runs smoother than ever thanks to this software!

Etica Spa

Salonist has been a game-changer for Clary House of Beauty! The software is incredibly easy to use and manages all our bookings, payments, and client records seamlessly. Our customers love the ease of online booking, and it saves us a lot of time.

Clary House of Beauty
Dr Youth

Salonist has been a wonderful addition to our clinic! The software simplifies scheduling, payments, and customer data management. Our clients enjoy the user-friendly online booking, and it helps our clinic run smoothly. We highly recommend Salonist!

Dr Youth

We're very happy with Salonist at our Hair Studio! The software simplifies our day-to-day operations like managing appointments, online schedules, staff payroll, client data everything. Salonist is a game-changer!

Stile Hair Studio

Salonist is key to managing our Hairbar chain! It supports multiple locations, streamlining appointments, payments, and staff scheduling. Our customers love online booking, and we value the seamless integration across all salons. Salonist's customer service and updates make it a top choice for any salon chain!

Evo Boutique Salon

Salonist has transformed our client experience at Our Salon! The smooth online booking process and management features keep our clients happy. The software's reminders and notifications ensure clients never miss an appointment.

Evo Boutique Salon
Koka Beauty Lounge

Salonist has transformed the way we manage our Koka Beauty Lounge! It handles everything from booking appointments to payroll and other tasks. The software is more affordable compared to other options we tried, and it meets all our needs. The customer service is exceptional, and the software is user-friendly.

Koka Beauty Lounge
Knuckout Unisex Salon-&-Spa

Though, I was looking for the fully-featured Salon software to fulfill all technological requirements of my salon. Lately, I came across, "Salonist". The story remains effective until now. This Salon Software has sorted all my daily chaos and has exceeded my expectations. The Salonist team has guided us once and honestly; it is totally hassle-free. It makes managing the appointment very easy and does not require any training to use.

Dina G Managing Director
jawed habib

Salonist has everything that you need to manage salons and spas, from the front end to the back end, employee management, customer relations, and marketing. Schedule your next 12 months campaigns, and the automations do the rest!!! Multiple options for payment collection, I mean it's definitely worth every single penny!!!!! No need for any other subscriptions, my clients can even complete their forms... And Everything is in one place!!!!

Jawed H. Owner/Operator

I appreciate the team for this product. It is very easy to use & easy to maintain customer data. All my customers also like this way of interaction. There has been almost 40% growth in my business since I started using this product.

Gopi Owner

Ease to use and quick response from technical support. Data handling is very fast in salonist software. Its Point of sales, daily sales reports and every bill sms feature is awesome. I recommend this product to every salon operator.

Abhishek Salon owner

We used Salonist software for appointment booking, Payroll, and other management scenarios. It is cost savings as other softwares are too expensive as per our needs. Also, It has good customer service. I like everything about it. Nothing comes to the top of my mind that I didn't like.

GlossNGlass Director

Its integration with other systems and the functionality of the calendar are awesome. They have got the basic requirements right which makes it easier for us to do the daily tasks efficiently. Highly recommended!

Surith R. Director

I've been using Salonist Software for over a year now! It has never let us down and it is very easy to navigate in terms of booking, rescheduling appointments. It's also really good for keeping track of your staff's performance. I like its function where it informs my clients in advance before their appointment. Thanks to the Shrivra team for this salon software.

Nisshith Patnagar CEO

I am running my whole salon business from Salonist. It helps me to track all of my bookings with clients, payments and income, staff hours, everything. I would recommend this software to every salon operator!

Sonal Goel Founder

I am using salonist software after 14 days of free trial. The feature of Salonist software I like the most is, I can integrate it with my website to allow customers to easily book online 24/7. I recommend this to all my colleagues and friends who need such a salon system.

Safna Hair Technician

I was searching for salon software for my beauty salon then I found Salonist ( Salon management Software) that has everything I want to manage my salon. Its features are unbeatable! I love how it sends clients booking confirmations (via SMS) and email reminders. Thank you Salonist team for their support!

Dilip Choudhary Founder

Very good software with awesome features. Easy to understand and get daily sales reports over mail. I recommend this to all salons . Must try!

Suraj Pro Makeup Artist

The online booking feature saves me absolute hours of admin time! Love how you constantly update the system to suit your customers requests. Keeping track of all bookings, payments and income, staff hours, everything!

Sandeep Dahiya CEO

Salonist’s appointment management feature helps me a lot to book my salon appointments. It suits all needs. The feedback from my customers is that booking an appointment online is so easy and convenient, mainly when they don't have the time to call the salon to book their next appointment. It's great software.

Varun Owner

We've seen an uptick in our profits ever since we started using this. Its features are useful, ingenious, and reliable—all contributing to a productive workflow in our salon.

Bahul Yan Shinil Manager

Powerful Integrations

In Salonist you can Integrate tools that you are already using for the better salon business growth.

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