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Manage Appointments

Manage Appointments

A BarberShop appointment booking system is the perfect way to make scheduling appointments easier and more convenient. With this feature, customers can quickly and easily book their appointments right from any device. It gives them the flexibility to schedule their appointments in advance without having to visit the barber shop first. And, barber shop staff can easily track upcoming appointments for better clarity over their duties.

Point of Sale

BarberShop POS system’s feature allows you to make your business more efficient and profitable. Sell the packages, services, products, and memberships online and your customers can safely and securely pay for their purchases with ease. With a POS system, you'll be able to track sales and inventory with ease, making it easier than ever to run a successful business.

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Ease Of Use

An easy-to-use barber shop management software makes life easy for both customers and staff. Customers can easily book barber shop appointments online and even pay in advance for added convenience. The barber shop staff can easily use the software to become more efficient in their day-to-day tasks, such as product sales, payment processing, tracking inventory, rescheduling appointments, and more.

Customized Reporting

With the help of the customized reporting feature of the barber shop management software, you can easily track different metrics & statistics related to your business. How many products are sold on a particular day, how many times a staff member was booked, how many appointments were canceled- everything is shown to you via detailed reports. And the best part is, you can customize the reporting in the salon software, as per your requirements.

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Powerful Integrations

In Salonist you can Integrate tools that you are already using for the better salon business growth.

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What is the best barbershop software & app?
The best barbershop software & app gives a consolidated solution to barbershops for appointment, payment, inventory and other managerial tasks. The application aims to give reliability, timeliness, convenience and of course, satisfactory customer service.
What is the equipment that barbers use?
Using high-quality equipment is essential because, without them, experience and skills do not mean anything. The basic ones are; Haircutting Capes, Straight Razor, A Duster Brush, Corded and Cordless Hair Clippers, Electric Shavers, Hair Dryer, Shears, Combs etc.
Is opening a barbershop a good investment?
Yes, it is! It is one of the profitable businesses, to begin with. However, it is important to strategise properly and have the best software to manage business operations. Assuredly, you will earn good profits and grow!
How much can you make owning your own barbershop?
Barbering relies on several factors that change the income as a whole, it is not limited to one actual number. Though, approximately, the income is $27,000, which is $11.00 an hour.
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