Salonist Software: Feature - Salon POS (Point Of Sale) System

Point of Sales

Sell your salon and Spa products in bulk using the point of sale offered by Salonist.

Appointment System

Integration with Appointment

Salonist’s POS is integrated with the appointment system. So, you get enough chances to sell your high-value salon and spa products to each and every customer.

Payment Methods

Different Payment Methods

Salonist supports different payment methods. So, customers don’t hesitate to pay for the products/services they purchase from you.

Calculation of Bank Changes

Automatic Calculation of Bank Changes

Salonist automatically calculates the changes applied by banks when you make online financial transactions.


Bulk Checkout

Salonist is easy to use. So, you can complete transactions in bulk and make more business opportunities.


Environment-Friendly E-Receipt

Salonist issues electronic receipts and contributes to the protection of environment up to a great extent.