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We regularly update Salonist with new features, fixing bugs and growing performance. This is what our brand is working on lately.
Updates December 2022


  • WebNotes section in billing after completing the appointment.
  • WebTransaction Reference in billing after completing the appointment And also show on invoice.
Updates November 2022

Consent Form:

  • WebConsent form has now been given a primary feature, so that you can assign the consent forms to your clients without direct mailing to anyone.
Updates October 2022

Bill setting:

  • WebTerms&conditions: Show terms on short print option?
Updates September 2022

Staff permissions:

  • WebCan check today daily sheet only?
  • WebCan Edit Client Info?
  • WebCan change appointment status?
  • WebGenerate Bill on Full Payment.
  • WebExport Option.
  • WebStaff Sales Report
Updates July 2022


  • WebIn the sales summary, you can see how many payments you have through Prepaid
  • WebIn the sales discount report, you can also see the amount of discount you have received through percentage.
  • WebNow you can also check how much discount you have given in the daily sheet.
  • WebNow you can see the actual amount, taxable amount and price in the tax report.
  • WebNow you can see the actual price and price in the sales summary report.
  • WebYou will get 2 new reports, Vendor List and Inventory Report.
  • WebMarketing model has been removed and replaced with sales tools.
  • WebHave you removed the add module or have you put all the features that are open from the add module in the set up
  • WebNow from set up you can manage all your features, write: service, product, package, add and create membership
Updates May 2022

Clients history- Buy Subscription

  • WebCan take advance payment through e-wallet
  • WebUpload documents and treatments
Updates April 2022

Quick sale:

  • WebIf the client has reward points, then a new option Reward appears in the payment mode at billling time, through which you can redeem the reward points in value.
Updates March 2022

Calender's Updates:

  • WebAt the appointment booking in the calendar for customers, so the staff can remind the cleints about all the history.
  • WebAfter viewing the appointment, you also get the option of job card by which you can assign your according service.
Updates January 2022
  • WebNow you can see the deskboard total visits of this month's clients lists.
  • WebToday Leads Follow Up lists on deskboard.
  • WebTo Be Expired Packages lists on deskboard.
Updates July 2021
  • MobileWebContent Forms with Signature
  • MobileWebPackages and Products sales through salonist
  • MobileWebShopify and Wordpress Product synchronization
  • MobileWebBooking button: You can place the button wherever you want
  • MobileWebWeb WebBug fixes and other performance-related enhancements
Updates June 2021
  • MobileWebRoom booking Implementation
  • MobileWebClient Subscriptions method for Special Price
  • MobileWebAvailability/Booking page settings
  • MobileWebUpdates on the UI design of the Booking page
  • MobileWebWeb WebBug fixes and other performance-related enhancements
Updates January 2020
  • WebSalonist Premium Package: Integration with Mailchimp
  • WebSalonist Premium Package: Integration with Custom SMS API now user can connect there own SMS API to send sms
  • WebSalonist Premium Package: Now experience a new user interface and easier navigation for Apps/Integrations.
  • Web WebBug fixes and other performance-related enhancements.
  • Mobile Web Recurring appointments
  • Mobile Web Advanced Inventory Management System
  • Mobile Web Slack integration
  • Mobile Web Deals API's
  • Mobile Web Deals to display on booking page

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