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Features of Salonist Software

Salonist is the best medical spa software. It is serving many Salons and Spa to boost business revenue with powerful features.

Fast Appointment booking

Fast Appointment booking

Allow the customers to book their appointment 24X7 from our medispa booking software. They can either schedule, reschedule or cancel the appointment. Use this medical spa software program to fill the empty seats and increase your profit rate.

Point of Sale

With Salonist Medical Spa POS Software process the customer's payments, get invoices, track daily sales, manage appointments, receipts and customer information merely in a click

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Personalized Marketing

Stock Management

Automate your spa’s key operations and manage the stock levels adequately with our medspa scheduling and management software. Let Salonist purchase, store, track and control the stock and increase your business profitability.

Employee Management

Streamline the employee's record maintenance process in your spa and give a boost to its effectiveness. Make everyday tasks easy and quick and bid farewell to manual spreadsheets. Enter the data and access it from anywhere.

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Customer management

Customer Management

Monitor your customers’ history and give them a more personalized experience with Salonist. View the customer's previous sales, appointment, photos, etc. and serve accordingly.

Feedback Management

Collect the customer's feedback with the standard reporting and analyze what they feel. Find the spots and give an immediate, personalized and contextualized response with med spa scheduling software.

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Marion Delahunt

Founder of Customized Couture, Ireland

Marion Founder of CustomizedCouture, Ireland Managing there operations using Salonist. Salonist has been integral in allowing the business to scale. Marion chats about her business and how Salonist allows her to scale up there business #salonistlove

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Powerful Integrations

In Salonist you can Integrate tools that you are already using for the better salon business growth.

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What is the best medical spa software?
The medical spa businesses have to manage many administrative operations like handling customer appointments, Billing, packages or other treatment details. The best software will make automating the daily tasks easy, managing customers, staff members, etc. And, let you focus on giving the best services and improving ROI.
How much do medi spas make per year?
Approximately, the med spa business earns $1 million in yearly revenue with a gross profit margin of 38%.
What qualifications do you need to work at a medi spa?
According to the location, the qualifications requirement varies. In general, if you have a license as a medical expert, then, only you can give treatments, like, injections, lasers and fillers, of course, there are risks associated with it. For a license, a medical degree or certification is required.
Are medi spas profitable?
When you have developed the medspa business properly, you will have a lucrative and rewarding experience. By understanding the medspa market, its demands, focussing on best solutions, following a customer-centric approach, and other mandates, your business can achieve desired heights.
10,000+ Make-up Artists, Therapists, Salon and Spa Experts in more than 60+ countries using Salonist Appointment Booking Software
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