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Why Salonist Software Is Great Fit For You

  • Bookings

    Professional booking website

    Creating your own branded, mobile-optimized booking website SEO enabled it to achieve higher rankings on Google. This booking website is entirely adaptable, allowing you to tailor its design to align seamlessly with your brand. If you already possess a website, you can seamlessly integrate the booking widget into your existing platform.

  • SMS

    Confirmation & Reminders

    Notify your clients with email and SMS notifications as soon as they book their appointments, while also ensuring your staff is promptly informed about the scheduled appointments. Our automated SMS system plays a crucial role in reducing no-shows, contributing to enhanced business growth.

  • Easy

    Rewards System

    Maximize business opportunities by capturing valuable leads and rewarding your loyal customers with Salonist, an intuitive and user-friendly solution. Elevate your salon's productivity, expand your customer base, and generate high-quality leads effortlessly.

  • Payment icon

    Online & On site payments

    Hassle-free payments are something that every beauty business owner demands. Being the salon system, Salonist supports the integration of various payment gateways and digital wallets such as Paypal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, and more. It enables salon owners to configure different payment methods at their convenience.

  • Marketing icon

    Marketing Tools

    Capture the attention of new clients and enhance sales among your existing customer base! Utilize a range of tools, such as gift cards, coupons, photo galleries, social promotions, appointment reminders, and more to achieve this goal.

  • employees

    Employee Management

    Salonist simplifies staff roster management, automating the tracking of payroll and staff commissions, and calculating their payouts accordingly. With Salonist, you can efficiently oversee employee roster management, making it easy to monitor their availability

Features of salonist Software

Salonist delivers beyond the basics to provide everything you need in a single package.

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Efficiently Handle Your Staff and Massage Center

  • Employee Self-Managed Schedules

    Employees can manage their own work hours through self-logins into the system and adjust the customer appointments accordingly as per their suitable time. This makes them feel valued. Ensure Your Resources Stay Well-Organized

  • Examine Your Business Key Metrics

    Access real-time analytical reports on crucial business metrics such as bookings, cancellations, and employee performance. This valuable insight allows you to make informed decisions that drive your massage center's success.

  • Operate Your Massage Business on Your Fingertips

    Run your massage business effortlessly from your smartphone. With our massage booking app, you can sync your calendar and make bookings on the go. Stay in control, no matter where you are.

  • Resource Organization at Its Finest

    All-in-one massage booking software automatically assigns rooms, beds, and other facilities to clients at the moment of booking, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free operation.

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online appointment settings

Deliver Personalized Experiences To Clients

  • Manage Client Details In One Place

    Maintain dedicated client profiles at the time of appointment booking. The software saves the necessary information that can be used for future references like service preferences and history, reviews, etc.

  • Efficiently Categorize Your Clientele-base

    You can segment your clients as regular, loyal, and high-value, and tailor your massage therapy sessions to suit their specific needs and preferences.

  • Prepare Better for Each Massage Session

    Customize each session by collecting and storing vital information like medical history and areas of discomfort through digital forms when scheduling appointments.

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book through social media

Book through social media handles

With Salonist, you can book appointments through your social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Salonist allows you to create a custom booking link that you can integrate with your social media handles. So if a customer is interested in your services they can book an appointment directly through your social media page.

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website widget

Website Widget Wix , Wordpress and Shopify

Embed your Booking Widgets with your websites. Let your customer book direcly from your website. You can easily implement the booking page directly to your website using salonist

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Hear What Customers Love About Salonist!

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Marion Delahunt

Founder of Customized Couture, Ireland

Marion Founder of CustomizedCouture, Ireland Managing there operations using Salonist. Salonist has been integral in allowing the business to scale. Marion chats about her business and how Salonist allows her to scale up there business #salonistlove

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Powerful Integrations

In Salonist you can Integrate tools that you are already using for the better salon business growth.

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What is Salonist Massage Scheduling Software?

Salonist Massage Scheduling Software is designed to help massage therapists and spa owners efficiently manage their appointments, staff, and client information.

How does Salonist Massage Scheduling Software benefit my business?

Salonist offers several benefits, including streamlined appointment booking, staff management, client database, marketing tools, and financial tracking, all of which help increase efficiency and client satisfaction.

Can I customize the software to match my massage center branding?

Yes, Salonist Massage Scheduling Software allows you to customize your booking page with your business logo, colors, and branding elements for a personalized client experience.

Is Salonist Massage Scheduling Software cloud-based?

Yes, Salonist is a cloud-based software, meaning you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection, making it convenient for both you and your staff.

Can I manage multiple locations or branches with it?

Yes, Salonist offers multi-location support, allowing you to manage and schedule appointments for multiple salon or spa branches from a single dashboard.
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