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Features of Salonist Software

Salonist is a feature-packed salon management program that fulfills the requirements of a wide range of businesses, irrespective of their type and size. The functionality of managing the front-desk staff, customers, and stylists from a single software make it the perfect salon booking system for business owners. Check out how Salonist simplify different aspects of your beauty business.

  • Online Booking

    Online booking

    With Salonist, salon owners may schedule and cancel appointments with clients online from the convenience of their homes. Salonist software automatically creates a link that directs customers who want to make an appointment to your salon's service booking page. You can integrate this link into your salon’s social media handles. This way your customers can make reservations online whenever it suits them.
  • Slot blockers

    Slot blockers

    Eliminate the confusion of the customers booking a service from the same staff member or at the same time. The slot blocking feature of the Salonist- salon management software indicates whether the staff is free to provide the service or not, with details of the time during which they are engaged. Say goodbye to double bookings and ensure the smooth functioning of your beauty business with Salonist!
  • Off hours

    Off hours booking

    With Salonist, you can give your salon customers the liberty to schedule salon appointments anytime, outside business hours as well. It means the customers' bookings won't stop, even if the salon is closed, thanks to the feature-rich salon scheduler. It helps get more client appointments that boost your business growth and revenue. Also, the customers don't have to wait for specific operational hours in a day to book a service.
  • Package booking

    Package booking

    Designing salon service packages for clients has never been so easy! You can offer your salon's services bundled as affordable packages or combos of complimentary services. This will attract your customers and will give them a reason to take more services. Salonist, the leading beauty Salon scheduler, provides users with the option to book salon packages online. Not only does it help the customers engage more with your services, but also increases sales.
  • Membership booking

    Membership booking

    Memberships are one of the effective ways to provide your regular customers the special benefits and exclusive offers they deserve. Salonist enable the Salon owners to manage the memberships of their clients that lets them avail special perks and incentives while booking various services. It helps build a long-term relationship with the customers. This way, the salon online scheduling software ultimately benefits their business.
  • Accept payment

    Accept payment

    Hassle-free payments are something that every beauty business owner demands. Being the salon system, Salonist supports the integration of various payment gateways and digital wallets such as Paypal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, and more. It enables salon owners to configure different payment methods at their convenience. With an integrated POS (Point-of-Sale) feature, customer billing and invoice generation can be done fastly and effectively.
  • inventory

    Centralized inventory

    If your salon has multiple branches at different locations, there is a need to set up a centralized inventory at a dedicated warehouse. Salonist helps you keep track of various beauty products and ensure they are available in sufficient numbers. Besides, you can get rid of the problem of running out of a product at the last minute. With the easy-to-use smart salon software, central inventory management becomes simplified.
  • Audits reports

    Audits reports

    Effective auditing helps facilitate the error-free generation of detailed reports related to the salon's finances and inventory. Salonist has all the features needed in the best salon management software for making the auditing process simple and automatic. You can check all the audit records on a user-friendly mobile application. It helps you keep the beauty business well-organized without investing much time and effort.
  • Inhouse

    Inhouse inventory

    Salonist offers you many useful features to manage the in-house inventory. You get important information related to different products, like their availability, required quantity, average consumption, and more. With detailed reports on which product the customers are buying the most, salon owners can make the purchases wisely. Salonist salon software provides you an alert, whenever an item is about to finish so that you can timely restock it.
  • transperancy


    Salon owners need to have clarity related to the inventory for effective future product purchases. You can cross-check if the managers and accountants are providing you with precise information regarding inventory with the help of salon scheduling software. It offers complete transparency to the beauty business owners over the exact count of items in inventory, with the respective requirement.
  • transfer

    Transfer inventory

    Want to precisely track the products that are being transferred from your central warehouse to different branches? With Salonist, you can easily do that! The beauty salon scheduling software makes inventory management simple, irrespective of how many spas, beauty parlors, or barber shops you have. Salonist provide you with detailed insights into inventory transfer. It helps control the overstock of items and also ensures that you don't run out of the required products.
  • Quantity

    Quantity alerts

    Product quantity matters the most when it comes to ensuring the smooth functioning of a salon business. Salonist gives you regular alerts on your smartphone on the inventory's status with emails and text messages. So, you already know when a particular product is about to get out of stock. Consequently, the online beauty salon software helps purchase the items at the right time in fixed numbers; while keeping your finances in check.
  • Email marketing

    Email marketing

    With Salonist, you can automate the process of sending daily, weekly or monthly promotional emails to clients. It helps to considerably improve the customer retention rate. You can provide a personalized experience to the customers with birthday wishes, anniversary greetings and festive offers. The beauty salon system offers powerful tools that can level up your email marketing game!
  • reviews

    Get more reviews

    Reviews provide a "reality-check" of how good a salon's services are. Beauty businesses can make themselves better by effectively knowing what the customers actually like or dislike about their services. With Salonist, the users can effectively submit their reviews, and the salon owners can see them in real-time. This way, they can stay connected with the customers and actively respond to their problems with the help of salon management systems.
  • Coupons

    Coupons management

    Do you know what salon customers love the most? Discount Coupons! They are great offerings to reward your loyal customers. Salonist is a versatile salon booking software that provides the feature of generating different types of coupons for clients. You can manage all the coupons with the help of a dedicated section in the software. With attractive offers and deals in the form of coupons, you can ensure that a customer stays engaged with the salon's services.
  • Gift Card

    Gift cards

    With Salonist, your customers can purchase gift cards for various services such as haircuts, facials, and more. They can send the gift cards to their family, friends and loved ones, which allows them to avail the respective service for free! With an easy-to-use interface of the beauty salon scheduler, business owners can create and list new gift cards for their clients. It facilitates good marketing of the salon's services without any extra effort.
  • Loyality

    Loyalty system

    Loyalty programs help to keep your regular clients engaged with the salon's services. With the help of Salonist, you can offer digital membership cards to your customers, using which they can grab exclusive deals and discounts. This way, salon owners can ensure that the clients keep coming back to avail the services, thanks to the best salon software.
  • Sms campaigns

    SMS campaigns

    Salonist is one of the best salon software as it lets you configure SMS services for customers, enabling you to send automated text messages to them. It not only helps you to alert the clients and reduce customer no-shows, but also makes the users familiar with the latest deals and offers. Give a boost to your salon marketing by using SMS campaigns from Salonist!
  • staff commission

    Staff commissions

    Offering Commissions is an effective way of keeping the staff motivated by providing different benefits and incentives. Salonist tracks the number of products sold or the number of clients that an employee serves. Afterwards, the rewards are automatically reflected in their profiles. With the beauty salon software, managing the staff commissions and performance bonuses is no more a hassle!
  • Payroll


    Salonist provides an all-in-one suite with all the features required to manage the payroll effectively. The feature-packed salon management software keeps a record of the employees' attendance, working hours, and leaves. Accordingly, it prepares the salary for every employee after making the deductions and other required adjustments. With a simple and interactive interface, beauty business owners get the best payroll solution.
  • scheduler

    Easy scheduler

    Salonist is not just a salon management utility, but also a powerful salon scheduling software that can keep the respective staff informed about their appointments. So, the employees already know about their upcoming bookings and keep themselves prepared accordingly. It drastically improves the work efficiency of the staff, which is ultimately beneficial for the salon business.
  • KPI reporting

    KPI reporting

    Salon owners need to analyze the employees' performance regularly. Salonist takes it one step further with KPI reporting. You get detailed reports with key indicators that help you judge whether an employee is providing the expected work output. By using the best salon software, you can get detailed insights related to revenue growth, customer satisfaction, client retention rate and more.
  • Notifications


    Salonist provides notifications to each staff member regarding the current and upcoming appointments, directly on their dashboards. This way, the possibility of an employee forgetting about a scheduled booking is eliminated. With the #1 salon management software, your staff will be regularly updated with all tasks that they need to fulfill on priority. This way, the workforce has clarity regarding the work, avoiding confusion.
  • Stop shrinkage

    Stop shrinkage

    All businesses need as much safety and protection as possible to reduce pilferage or employee theft. Your income will be protected with Salonist, our software that gives your 100% protection guarantee against the possibilities of stock loss, appointment fraud, or any form of theft.
  • White-labeling


    Salonist has all the required security features that not only protect the privacy of your customers but also ensure transparent inventory management. This way, salon owners don't have to face issues like a product missing from the warehouse, client data being leaked, and more. Keep your beauty business safe with the best safety features from Salonist!
  • Tracking

    Customer Tracking

    We understand the importance of customers' data for a business. That's why Salonist is packed with features to provide detailed insights regarding customers' information. Salon owners can easily analyze the clients' past purchases, service preferences, payment history, and much more. This data can be used for marketing, promotions, and further improving the services of the beauty business.
  • notifications


    Salonist comes with the functionality to send automated notifications to clients regarding their appointments, payments, and deals. It considerably reduces customer no-shows and keeps them informed of the latest offers. With the #1 salon management software in the industry, you can stay in touch with your customers through regular alerts in the form of notifications.
  • POS

    POS (Point of Sale)

    Salonist has the most interactive and user-friendly POS interface. Your salon staff can easily operate it to offer a seamless payment and billing experience to the clients. On top of that, beauty business owners get an all-in-one suite to manage every transaction. With the help of the salon booking system, customers' discount points auto-apply at checkout, the employee commission is automatically reflected in their account, and much more.
  • Trash can

    Trash can

    Many times salon owners end up deleting important customer data by mistake. The "Trash Can" feature is implemented in Salonist to avoid this problem. Thanks to this option, you get a second chance to retrieve the clients' information, even if it is deleted. By navigating to the "Trash Can" section, you can see all the deleted data in a single place. Then it's your choice whether to retrieve it or remove it permanently.
  • Activity logs


    Salonist provides comprehensive reports on your marketing campaigns, sales, staff performance, appointment bookings, and more. With easy-to-understand reports, salon owners can ensure long-term growth and success for their beauty business. Being the best salon software, Salonist generates reports that provide detailed information about the business at your fingertips!
  • Role Management

    Set & Role Management

    When the employees of the salon, spa, or massage shop have clarity about their role and responsibilities, their productivity increases, and they are able to deliver better services to customers. Salonist offers you the feature to set different roles for various staff members, providing them better clarity over their tasks.
  • Multilanguage

    Multi Language

    Salonist comes with multi-lingual support to offer a seamless user experience to salon owners. The beauty salon scheduler provides the option to choose from a wide range of languages. It helps you effectively understand & utilize the features and functionalities of Salonist in your preferred language.
  • Integrations


    You can integrate various accounting software and social media websites with Salonist. The salon scheduling software works seamlessly with all such leading platforms, which further enhances its usability. Whether you need to link your business's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter handle or configure software like Quickbooks or Xero, you can easily do it with Salonist!

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