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If you run a salon or spa business and you need a feature-rich salon management software, then choose Salonist without having any second thoughts in mind. With the use of this easy-to-use Salon Management software, automate your business and make more profits.

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Features of salonist Software

Salonist delivers beyond the basics to provide everything you need in a single package.

  • Clock
    24/7 Access control

    With this CRM software, your salon remains open to customers 24*7. So, you get more business opportunities with a profound ease.

  • Staff

    Now, manage your employees and track their performance within a few clicks. It saves your resources and increases the profit margins.

  • Records

    Use salonist and keep a close eye on your transactions & communications with all customers. A better way to serve your customers/clients with updated data.

  • Calendar

    With Salonist, you can manage your appointments with clients and schedule them appropriately. Now, process the requests of all customers easily and increase your profit margins substantially.

CRM Software Features
Salon & Spas Online Management System
  • Clock

    Salonist sends instant reminders to customers/business operators about appointment booking, pending payments, collected payments, etc. So, it's a good CRM software for salon operators and customers.

  • Mobile Icon
    Go Mobile

    Salonist works very well on desktop computers, laptops, and different mobile devices. It facilitates business mobility and ease of doing business 24*7 from all place.

  • Calendar
    Online Booking

    Salonist facilitates online booking for salon and spa services through itself, social media channels, and other widgets. It increases footfall to your salon and spa center.


Salonist delivers beyond the basics to provide everything you need in a single package.

Appointment Management System Software
Appointment Management

With Salonist, managing your appointments with clients becomes a child’s play.

  • Appoint Management facility as per your convenient time slots
  • Appointment management in accordance with time, date, and purpose &
  • Easy color coding feature to prioritize your appointments with customers
Secure Payment Gateway
Quick Checkout

With Salonist, appointment booking (with clients/customers) becomes an easy task

  • Highly secure payment gateway to protect your account from unauthorized access
  • Easy handling of invoices and bills with hassle-free checkout system and
  • Privacy and safety of customer’s details
Book Appointment Online

Salonist CRM software helps you to convert all visitors (to your salon and spa center) into loyal premium customers for good.

  • Easy booking page for customers, allowing them to book an online appointment with you at any time
  • Different layouts for online booking page and
  • The creation of custom form to help your staff get the relevant information about customers
Personalized Email Marketing
Personalized Marketing

Salonist acts as a helping hand in your Personalized Email Marketing Efforts and helps you to receive repeat business easily without making any extra investment.

  • Automatic delivery of personalized newsletters to customers for each and every event and
  • Easier for you to address customer’s problems and ensure their return to your salon/spa/fitness center in the future
Gaining Insights Report
Gaining Insights

Salonist works as a powerful analytical tool and gives you real-time information about the impact of your business-oriented decisions.

  • Receive All business related information about your salon/spa in a customized report
  • Real-time analysis of the customers and clients that give lots of business opportunities on a regular basis
Efficient Feedback
Efficient Feedback System

Feedback collection helps you in to understand what customers think about your salon and the offered services. Salonist helps a lot in feedback collection.

  • Easy feedback form for the collection of customer’s reviews and recommendations
  • Allows you to handle the issues of your customers easily and effortlessly
  • A great help in the creation of new customer base
Gift Cards & Custom Packages
Gift Cards & Custom Packages

Offer gift cards and custom packages to loyal customers easily with the help of Salonist

  • Create appealing and professional looking greetings cards for customers
  • Inform your customers about new offers on their mobile phones and
  • Send them gifts cards using Emails
Product Inventory
Robust Product Inventory

Forgot manual Product Inventory and use salonist to keep a close eye on your salon’s stock.

  • A feature-rich product inventory tool
  • Eliminate the out of stock problem from day-to-day business affairs and
  • Inform your customers about the availability of products/services with just one click
Business Management From Remote Location
Business Management From Remote Location

Now, don’t rush from one branch to another (of your salon and span center) to manage your business. Use Salonist and control everything from one place.

  • Instant updates about all business activities in different branches of your salon/spa
  • Easy management of workflow from one place using computers and mobile phones and
  • Custom notifications for all actions that take place in your salon and spa center
Salon & Spas POS system
POS System For Salon & Spa

Salonist offers the best salon POS system, which helps entrepreneurs in the management of spa scheduling and selling.

  • Feed your spa, products, services, etc, and let clients know the total cost in just one click
  • Our POS has barcode scanning hardware, allowing to add to your salon product offerings and scan the pricing into the POS system at checkout
  • Sell your salon-branded gift cards to customers, get instant payments and calculate the balance at the end of the month
Salonist is an ideal CRM software

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Hair Salon

Manage your rapidly growing salon business from one place.


Spa Center

Address all customers of your spa with the help of salonist.


Massage Center

Schedule your meetings with customer and provide them the requested services.


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