6 Steps to Prepare Your Face Before Applying Makeup

POSTED BY Julia Ching


Have you noticed makeup looks different on the skins of models and actresses? Is it just you or are they doing something different?

Here we reveal to you the secrets of attaining smooth skin on which the makeup just glides on. These 3 pre-makeup steps will help you achieve a flawless makeup application. So, don’t go anywhere! Be with us for the next few minutes. Our curated steps will surely prepare your face for runway-worthy makeup.

Prepare Your Face Before Applying Makeup

#1. A Deep Cleanse

A Deep Cleanse makeup

Can’t fathom sleeping for 8 hours with dirty skin? The same rule goes for your 8-hour makeup-on face. Giving your makeup a clean palette to stick on, you are preventing a deeper penetration of bacteria and dirt that would otherwise be on your skin. Using a gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser, massage your face for half a minute and rinse it off.

#2. Exfoliation


Getting rid of the dead cells accumulate on your skin will give your skin that runway model glows you crave. Use a fruit-based chemical exfoliator before your makeup application to allow your skin to be bump-free and flushed with color.

#3. Dermaplaning

You might have heard about face shaving till now, it works phenomenally to transform the skin, and no, it does not leave your face with a stubble. Dermaplaning removes the peach-fuzz and the top, dead layer of skin to allow your skin to breathe more openly and makeup to glide on like magic. This is the top-secret of every actress that models a blemish-free, no-makeup look. Get your dermaplaning treatment a day before your big day or use a face razor to carefully give your face a transformative exfoliation.

#4. Hydration and sun protection

Hydration and sun protection

Your creamy foundation does not protect the skin from dryness or UV rays. Use a hydrating moisturizer based on your skin type and a layer of sunscreen before reaching for the foundation. These protective measures allow your skin to remain fresh underneath the makeup.

#5. Serum application

Serum application

What can be a greater treat for a freshly exfoliated face than a soothing serum? Whether it is your acne treatment or under-eye serum this is the time to put all the skin-healing potions on your face. This ensures that you can go about your day while these serums continue healing your skin.

#6. Primer


The final item on the checklist to attaining a seamlessly, beautiful make-up application is some good-old primer. It mattifies the skin so that extra shine from all the serums is toned down. It provides a base for the foundation to lay on.

Final Words:

These six steps and you are ready to apply makeup like any other model you see in advertisements. Remember, skincare and make-up go conjunctively every time.

Believe us, following these pre-makeup steps; you will completely control the oil quotient on your face and allow the makeup to look more natural and stay on for even longer. And if you have a misconception in your mind that the skin of actress or models are different than you. Then it’s just a feeling!

In actuality, the difference creates due to the use of the same product in a different manner. If you also apply the product, the way they, you will definitely achieve beautiful skin like them.

Therefore, prepare your face well before makeup is as crucial as getting a flawless & radiant look. If still wondering how to prep face right away, then give us a comment below.