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How To Drive More Spa or Salon Bookings With Salon Mobile App?

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Salon Mobile booking

Nowadays, so many mobile apps are available in the market to bring ease to business owners and customers as well. Be it food delivery, online education, or salon appointments mobile apps prove to be extremely convenient. 

Why are mobile salon apps so beneficial? Primarily half of your work gets done with just a few clicks. Business managers can drive plenty of bookings and sales in their salon with mobile apps. A major proportion of people prefer online bookings over offline because it saves their time. Additionally, they don’t have to face terrible long queues.

A dedicated mobile app for your business can help you get more clients and build up a strong customer base. The mobile app is the best way to connect with clients, and it opens up new marketing channels. A sound mobile application can drive more business to your spa or salon through its incredible benefits.

Well, we have jotted down some points to let you know how salons mobile applications benefit beauty salons. Have a look at it to get an idea about the same.

How salon Mobile Apps Drive Sales for you?

#1. Online Booking

Online Booking

Whenever the customers approach your salon without pre-booking their appointment, they end up waiting for their turn. Therefore, Online booking is essential for the satisfaction of your customers. By online Booking doesn’t mean providing a Mobile app only rather you can accept the booking through E-mails or web or by both. 

But, providing Apps for online booking gives a more modern and trendy experience to the customers. The customers would more recommend the mobile apps since they don’t need to log in again. And through notifications, they simply can’t keep them updated. 

As per experts observation:

  • 41% of booking made through social media, 25% through referral websites, 29% are direct, and 4.4% via organic search.
  • 28% of bookings happen in salons off hours.

A survey shows that the customers recommend a brand that was quick to reply, even if the response was not complete. It is double the number of customers who would recommend the brand who provided a complete response but was slow to respond. 

If the customers who address support via email or a web form don’t get a reply for some time, then they start doubting the support team. You can quickly respond to your customers through a mobile app and a happy customer can drive more bookings to your salon or spa.

#2. Push Notifications

Push Notifications

This feature can be a more powerful tool that can keep your salon or spa top of the mind of your customers. Send out Push Notifications to all of your customers who have downloaded the app. It can be an easy and cheaper way than ordinary texts/SMS. 

Push Notifications will allow you to send notifications about your latest offers and promotions and can keep your customers updated with your new products. Missed appointments are an issue faced by Salon and Spa but this impacts the customers too. Customers also get irritated by cancellation charges for missed appointments. Push notifications can help them out by sending reminders about appointments a day before.

#3. Hassle-free check-in

Say bye-bye to old traditional practices like lining up in queues to take services. The most annoying part is customers have to face long wait times which is the root cause to spoil their experience. 

Modern salons offer app-based check-ins which do not put forward any challenge before customers. They can seamlessly take services without entering queues. Half of the client’s work gets done by scheduling online bookings. So, when they step inside salons they are left with only taking services. 

A flexible check-in benefits both customers and service providers. The staff team can work in an organized setup and devote more quality time to their primary tasks.

#4. Chaos-free checkouts and payments

Chaos free checkouts and payments

very business demand an organized workflow so is in the beauty industry. A salon app skillfully fulfills this gap in salons. 

After having a great salon service, no one wants to give a bad end to their appointment. If this happens all your efforts while delivering services to customers go vain. You don’t have to give any reason to your clients from beginning to end. 

A flexible hassle-free check-out is equally important as check-in. Offer all the payment modes to add more convenience to customers. These days customers prefer online payments so don’t forget to offer all online modes.

Several people go cashless as they rely on online payments and find it more quick and easy.

#5. Personalized service

Offering personalized service is the best tactic that is roaming around in every business. Owners know getting things done in customers’ desired style wins their hearts and minds.

Salon mobile apps let you offer personalized services to customers. Completely of their wish and demand. It saves all your customer’s sales history. And on their next visit staff make efforts to provide great experience based on their preferences.

Salon mobile apps also enable you to send coupons, discounts, gifts, etc on the basis of customers’ choice. Thus, this way you can set a customized experience for your clients and leave a smile on their face.

#6. Loyal business

Integrating your salon spa business with an efficient salon mobile app is the best way to increase your client base. With a salon app, you can offer several privileges to customers and drive quality sales in return. 

Salon apps improvise your customer’s experience by offering customers the quick and convenient mode of online bookings. They can seamlessly schedule appointments 24/7 and can cancel or reschedule according to their convenience.

With the help of appointment slots through your app, you can offer discounts to your clients and fill canceled appointments at discounted rates. You can also make your loyal customers happy by rewarding them with gift cards, discounts, etc.

The loyalty scheme through your mobile app is a strategy to build a stronger clientele. This in return maximizes your profits and beauty salon growth.


A salon mobile app is the best addition to your beauty business. Integrate it and enjoy your salon workflow. Eliminate all the hurdles that are stuck in your way to success. 

Get victory in your salon business with a sound mobile salon app. A powerful salon app does not drive sales and profits for you but gives reason to your customers to turn into loyal clients.

A salon app is the latest trend in the beauty industry that simplifies all your complicated tasks and aims to set a stress-free environment for your staff.  

Embrace smart technological tools to give a new look to your salon. Enjoy an enormous amount of sales, profits, and revenue.

We hope this write-up will assist you in solving all your queries. Share your views in the comment section below. 

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