Few Amazing facts about Salonist that makes it more
enchanting for its clients.

Salon Business is an investment and a step towards the beauty Industry and when you start a business the foremost thing is Management. For your Business Management, all you need is Salonist one-stop solution towards business growth.

Following are some Mesmerizing Attributes that make Salonist your
best alternative for Simple Salon Software

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Salonist believes in growing your business and revenue by managing your staff, commitments like- the appointments and prior bookings, inventory, clients, attendance and marketing tools that help the Spa and Salon to get a good lot of clients. Salonist believes in the security of your data and we ensure that Google authenticates your panel so nobody can access your data.


Simple Salon is known for its booking system rather Salonist is known for all Management of the Salon. As the Management starts from Staff, Services, Inventory, Appointments Salonist provides you with all under one system. Furthermore, Salonist works carefully with your clients and supports the business by creating a good client relationship.


Basically Salonist doesn’t allow the Admin to manually keep the track of the membership amount it creates Ewallet system. So whenever the client takes the service from One salon the e-wallet is always tracking the pending amount status. So the Admin doesn’t require to keep the details with himself manually.


Manage all your scheduled bookings and receive online appointments and don’t let the important date slip from your mind. Here, Take Manual Appointments, Receive Online Bookings and Notifications for same. Just a few easy steps to create bills from the appointments directly and update their Status from the same module.

So, you can see why Salonist is the perfect alternative to Simple Salon. But, wait - that’s not all. Apart from these you also get features like Integrations, Marketing tools, Multiple Locations, Gift Card, Expense Management And a lot more.

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Now a day’s technology is being trending and Salonist works on the latest versions and functionalities along with its creative team. They respond to feedback well and handles the queries in an efficient way - Marcel Ong

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